When deciding whether to buy a product there are usually a couple of things we at One Green Planet try to keep in mind. Is the product vegan? Organic? Fair trade? Palm oil free? While these details are usually prominently displayed on labels, there are definitely some amazing things that companies do (or abstain from doing) that are not explicitly written on packaging.

Some companies donate portions of their profits to support issues they are passionate about or choose to only use sustainable packaging for their products. Others seek to initiate change through their hiring practices, by giving those less fortunate better career opportunities. Whichever way they choose to give back to the community, we are always looking to support these businesses, and raise awareness to their do-good practices. Which is why we gathered 17 vegan products whose companies are each playing a unique part in making this world a little bit better. You may just want to consider buying these the next time you’re online shopping!