People love to snack. Whether it’s a bag of chips during lunch, a granola bar on the walk to the subway, or keeping some bite-sized treats in your office at all times, snacks are a crucial part of staying full throughout the day. While in the past, people prized snacks mostly for tasting good and satisfying cravings, nowadays people want more out of their munchies. This is why supermarket aisles are getting infiltrated with snacks that boast about their nutritious ingredients, their high protein contents, or if they’re organic, dairy-free, vegan, or raw.

Raw snacks are foods that have not been cooked above a temperature of 115°F. By not heating it over this point, manufacturers ensure that the vitamins and enzymes of their nutrient-dense snack stay intact. Enzymes make it easier for our bodies to digest food, so snacking on raw food not only satisfies your appetite, it keeps you from running into any annoying digestive problems. Sounds like a win-win to us! To try some raw snacks out yourself, check out these 15 raw snacks you can buy online right now!