In the past decade, ancient grains have grown tremendously in popularity. Due to the increased manipulation of and hybridization of modern grains like corn and wheat, consumers are enticed by the fact that ancient grains are less processed and, as a result, less likely to cause digestive problems or intolerance. While many people choose to eat ancient grains simply by using them as the base of a dish, or a side, nowadays there are plenty of other ways to enjoy these nutrient-dense wonders. One of the most notable ways is by transforming them into pasta!

Who doesn’t love a warm bowl of pasta? They come in a ton of different shapes and colors, it’s fun to dress them up with sauces and toppings, and now that many companies are using ancient grains to make them, there are healthy options! By choosing a pasta either completely made from ancient grains, or at least, infused with ancient grain flours, you are instantly packing in way more nutrients than if you were to choose one made with just white flour and water. Not sure where to begin? No problem. Here are 15 pastas infused with ancient grains to start you off!