Sometimes health can come at the cost of happy taste buds.  Such is the case when referring to the noni (Morinda citrifolia), a tree fruit native to Southeast Asia, but that can also be found in other warm temperature climates like northern Australia, South America and the Caribbean. The fruit itself is similar size to that of a potato, and as it ripens it pales in color from green to yellow or white. This guy is said to host a slew of prestigious health benefits, and the juice, fruit, bark, and leaves are often used in herbal remedies and as part of Polynesian folk medicine. Here in the west, we recognize it most notably for its apparent ability to fight cancerous tumors (only thus seen in animals however). It has also been used as a treatment for issues like insomnia, stress, depression and chronic headaches. It is also suggested that consuming this odd looking fruit can help strengthen the immune system, promote reproductive health, and promote healthy skin and eyes.

Now to be frank, this is no sweet treat to the taste buds. The flesh of noni is juicy and gelatinous, with a pungent (stinky) cheese-like aroma.  Yes, cheese.  Old, sticky, rotten cheese.  And it has a less than appetizing bitter flavor to boot. I know this for a fact, as I had a personal run in with the noni while on a recent trip to Costa Rica. I had no idea. And my fingers were stinky for hours after simply inquisitively handling one in my ignorance.


So now, are you feeling brave?  Get the fresh fruit and slice it, salt it, eat it.  Or chop it chunky and toss it into a stir-fry.  More realistically?  Buy it in capsules or juice form, plug your nose, and toss it back.

1. Agro Labs Naturally Noni 2X

Agro labs

This organic juice comes from trees in the islands of Polynesia, and is brought to the west via Agro Labs, a company that sources from all over the world.  Agro Labs takes pride in being a sustainable manufacturer ethically harvesting their products, eliminating excess waste and using BPA free bottles.  With their age-old method of Noni preparation, they claim to bring to consumers a better tasting, double strength juice.