Sick of ordering french fries, hash browns, and salad at the diner with your omnivore friends? Most restaurants offer some kind of veggie option, but choices are limited and cross-contamination with animal products is common. Asian and Italian restaurants tend to have a decent variety of vegetarian options, but you’re not always in the mood for that, and if you’re vegan, you still might have a hard time finding something good to eat. Unfortunately, meat-eaters are turned off by the pretentious air and “weird” health food offered in many veg places.

The restaurants below are more than just compromises. You can proudly take your veg and non-veg friends to any of these establishments for a tasty snack or hearty meal that feels more like a normal eating experience than a health-nut pow-wow. Some are upscale, others are smaller cafe hangouts, but all are notable for their innovation, variety of tasty foods, and universal appeal.