What we choose to eat can most definitely depend on what time of year it is. For one thing, choosing the fruits and vegetables based on the season they naturally grow in ensures optimum nutrition and flavor. For another thing, our bodies just seem to be in the mood for the things that signify that changing climate around us. Whether it’s pumpkin in the fall, corn in the summer, peppermint in the winter or strawberries in the spring, we tend to gravitate to certain foods at certain times of the year.

But, that doesn’t really mean we know what to do with those things. We might be jonesing for something pumpkin-y, but have no clue what do make. A hankering for kale doesn’t automatically translate into a recipe. Which is exactly why we’ve taken the guesswork out of your seasonal cravings. Finding a lighter summer recipe or a comforting winter one is nothing more than a click away.