When it comes to hiking and staying the night out in wilderness, novice campers tend to have a misconception that good food will be hard to come by, that they will have to resort to plain, cold sandwiches for the entire trip, or that it’s impossible to make a full-fledged meal without an oven or microwave. While packing for a camping trip and making sure that you have everything you need can be a little stressful (after all, if an item is overlooked, there aren’t exactly bodegas in the wilderness for you to run to) there are actually plenty of easy-to-make meals you can bring along that will not only satisfy your hunger but excite your taste buds! They’re even meatless and dairy-free! 

There are obvious options like meatless one-pot chilis and stews as well as more unique entrées like shelf-stable Indian curries and veggie burgers that can be made out of a bag. Check out these 15 lunches and dinners that are super easy to prepare, even in the middle of nature. These meals will make sure that you can traverse the toughest of trails with plenty of energy and come home to a nice meal when the day is done.