Whether you’re a health guru or just starting to cook for yourself, it’s likely that you have a package of table salt. There are a few reasons why people are straying away from using standard table salt. Some feel that it is too processed, others are concerned about sodium intake, and many people feel that there are better alternatives on the market. While sodium should be consumed in moderation, it is hardly as evil as many paint it to be. In fact, sodium plays an important role in maintaining the body’s hydration levels, electrolyte balance, and blood pressure. Whatever your reason for limiting sodium may be, there are plenty of alternatives that still supply a healthy amount of sodium, but are not table salt. There are spice blends, aromatics, salt-free seasonings, sauces, and fragrant herbs that all will lend their own unique flavor to your cooking. So if you’re looking to ditch the salt shaker, check out these 15 salt alternatives for flavor enhancing and cooking!