Tulips and botanical gardens aren’t the only things that are blooming this season. The rise of the edible flower and microgreens trend has made it’s way into dishes and drinks across the states.

On the forefront of this trend: Little Wild Things, an urban farm is moving to a permanent location in Ivy City this coming summer, according to Eater DC.


edible flowers

Healdsburg Shed

Little Wild Things has been upping their growing process as the demands rise for colorful ingredients, and cute little edible flowers to be put into satisfying dinners, desserts and potent cocktails. From restaurants like Healdsburg SHED and Single Thread Farms, to top-rated places like Barmini, more and more customers are eager to try the edible flower trend.

little wild things

Little Wild Things

Of course this trend is booming in the age of Instagram shots and social media food photos, delighting viewers and surprising tasters. Edible options include calendula, dandelions, hibiscus and roses. Some are spicy, and some herbaceous, while others are floral and very fragrant. It’s not uncommon to see flower petals used in salads, teas, on desserts.


Want to try some edible flower recipe ideas?

We’re linking you to a few guides, so you can try your hand at eating tasty, beautiful flowers at home, all from our Food Monster App.

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There are 14 Delicious Ways to Eat and Drink Roses that you probably didn’t know about. They can soothe inflamed skin, improve digestion, cleanse the body of toxins, and bring balance to hormones.


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These Recipes Have So Many Edible Flowers!Unicorn Chia Parfait

There are so many vegan recipes that feature edible flowers. Try this ultra pretty Unicorn Chia Parfait, which is layered with blue chia pudding and soy yogurt naturally turned bright pink thanks to beet powder. Summer Vegetable Chowder is perfect for warm-weather lunches. This Maple and Lavender Cashew Ice Cream is so creamy, delicious, and full of flavor. This Berry Lavender Poached Pears With Granola is the perfect breakfast option. This Simple Squash Blossom, Zucchini, and Cashew Cheese Toast will amaze you and this Wild Spinach and Asparagus Salad is as pretty as they come.

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Lead image source: Little Wild Things