National Doughnut Day is celebrated on the first Friday in June each year. It all started when a military doctor in World War I, Morgan Pett, wanted to brighten the day of the wounded soldiers who were his patients. One his first day at the military base, he bought 8 dozen doughnuts and gave one to each soldier he treated. One of those soldiers, General Samuel Geary, loved the idea and created a fundraiser so that Dr. Pett could keep providing doughnuts to his patients. They joined the Salvation Army which had been providing soldiers with fresh baked goods including doughnuts since 1917.

It’s no wonder that doughnuts cheered up the soldiers – doughnuts make everyone happy. Whether they are glazed or jelly-filled, fried or baked, round or long, doughnuts are a sweet treat that’s hard to resist. On National Doughnut Day, many doughnut shops give out free doughnuts. Unless you live in New York City where there are vegan doughnut shops, however, you may find yourself feeling left out. It might surprise you to know that it’s easy to make your own doughnuts at home. There are special doughnut pans you can buy but you can make your own doughnuts even if you don’t have one. Make any or all of these 10 delectable vegan doughnuts and have a sweet celebration.


1. Raspberry and Coconut Glazed Donuts

Raspberry-and-Coconut-Glazed-Doughnuts_WEB (1)

What do you call a donut that’s vegan, raw, soy-free and gluten-free? Delicious! These Raspberry and Coconut Glazed Donuts are made with a raspberry coconut glaze but once you make them, you can make them chocolate or whatever your heart desires.

2. Sprouted Buckwheat Cake Donuts


If you eat raw and think that means no donuts, think again! These amazing Sprouted Buckwheat Cake Donuts made with apples, coconut and dates in a dehydrator are a healthy version of the usually fried sweet treats.

3. S’mores Donuts

smores-donut-vegan (1)

You don’t have to be sitting in front of a campfire to enjoy these S’mores Donuts. Topped with chocolate and vegan marshmallow crème, these decadent donuts will take you right back to your childhood.


4. Fudgy Coconut Glazed Mini Donuts


These Fudgy Coconut Glazed Mini Donuts are so cute and so yummy and best of all, you can make them without a donut pan! Sweet and decadent, these little chocolate donuts are topped with a coconut glaze that will change the way you think about donuts forever.

5. Baked Donuts with Blueberry Jam Glaze

donuts (1)

This is the donut for berry lovers. You can choose whatever berries you like – blueberries, raspberries, blackberries – or stick with the recipe and use cranberries and raisins to make these incredible Baked Donuts with Blueberry Jam Glaze.

6. Chai Spiced Baked Donuts


Snickerdoodle enthusiasts will love thee Chai Spiced Baked Donuts. Infused with chai tea and chai spice in the batter as well as in the crunchy glaze, these unique donuts smell as warm and delicious as they taste.

7. Very Cherry Donuts


How happy do these donuts look! With bright pink icing that you can make with beet juice and multi-colored sprinkles, these baked Very Cherry Donuts have cherry juice for a smell and taste that is irresistible.


8. Mini Doughnut Balls With Caramel Dipping Sauce

donuts (2)

Some people call these donut holes and some call them donut balls. Whatever you call them, you’ll want to call them your own. These adorable Mini Doughnut Balls come with a rich caramel sauce for dipping.

9. Matcha Glazed Vanilla Bean Donuts With Matcha Cream Filling


Matcha tea is considered a superfood. It’s loaded with antioxidants and can help reduce stress. That means that these Matcha Glazed Vanilla Bean Donuts with Matcha Cream Filling are not only scrumptious but they are good for you too. See? Donuts can be a health food!

10. Banana Walnut Donuts


Bananas and walnuts are a marriage made in heaven whether they are in bread, cake or donuts. These Banana Walnut Donuts are easy and delicious. The chopped walnuts add texture while the brown sugar caramelizes on top of the donut for a lovely sweet sensation.

These are just 10 of the many donut recipes on One Green Planet. Whether you’re gluten-free, soy-free or raw, we have the perfect vegan donut for you!

Lead Image Photo: Very Cherry Donuts