Let’s compare the strudel and the streusel.

Wait, there’s a difference?


Why, yes, there is! Cooking terms can be quite confusing, especially when they sound so similar but describe two very different things. Strudel and streusel sound pretty alike, and are both baking terms, but have no direct relation to one another in taste or cooking method, despite the similar names.

In order to help you discover the difference between the two, we’ve gathered their origins, how they’re made, what they’re used for and a little delicious history behind them.

The Strudelwhat is a strudel


A strudel is a type of sweet or savory layered pastry with a filling. The history of the strudel dates back hundreds of years to the when the Ottoman Empire invaded Europe, according to Helmut’s Strudel. With them, they brought a variety of pastries wrapped in yufka dough. Central Europe quickly adapted, and started making their own. In the beginning, it was an easy meal made by the poor. The name Strudel comes from the German word “whirlpool,” because the rolled version looks like the inside of a whirlpool, according to The Palate.


Traditional strudels are made by rolling and stretching a thin sheet of dough until it’s just about transparent. Then, it’s brushed with melted butter (or vegan butter!) You can fill it with fruit, or other savory delicacies, then it’s rolled and baked to create multiple layers. Hence, the whirlpool effect!

From 1800 onwards many types of strudel combinations were created. These include apple strudel, almond strudel, semolina strudel, rice strudel, quark strudel, grape strudel, and more!


These can easily become a vegan snack or breakfast to enjoy as well! Try our Apple Strudel With Custard, this Rosemary Mushroom, Tofu, and Pine Nut Strudel, this Savory Smoked Tofu and Mushroom Strudel and this Pear Strudel With Pistachio Pesto for a unique combination. You’ll also fall in love with this Amaretto Cherry Strudel With Homemade Puff Pastry!

The Streuselvegan streusel


The streusel was first popularized in Germany and is a crumb topping that literally means “scattered” or “sprinkled”, or “strewn,” according to Joe Pastry. A classic streusel is a yummy mixture of flour, white sugar, butter and sometimes a bit of cinnamon. While you may think streusel is the actual pastry, it’s actually the golden crumb-like topping you commonly see on the tops of muffins and coffee cakes. Streusel toppings can give any cake a nice crunch and texture.

If you want to make some at home, you should definitely try some Caramel Apple Streusel Bars, Pumpkin Oatmeal Streusel Bars, and these Cinnamon Streusel Muffins. Or you can try this Ginger-Streusel Pear Pie and this Peach Cobbler Muffins With Toasted Oat and Brown Sugar Streusel!

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