Baking chocolate chip cookies is a super fun activity. From excitingly assembling all of the ingredients to basking in the delicious smell of cookies baking in the oven waft through the house, there’s hardly any part of the process that isn’t enjoyable. Well, that is except for having to control yourself around cookie dough. While most of us have probably snuck a spoonful or two of cookie dough despite the salmonella scare, wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to indulge in cookie dough without having to be worried about getting sick later on? Well, guess what, Green Monsters, there is! And it’s called vegan cookie dough!

Since vegan cookie dough is eggless and dairy-free, it doesn’t pose a risk to your health. And better yet, a lot of the vegan cookie dough treats available today are made with wholesome and nourishing ingredients like cashews, oats, almond butter, and dates. So, what are you waiting for? Here are 14 vegan cookie dough treats and sweets we think you should check out … right now.