Who doesn’t love creamy, cheesy sauce? Fettuccine Alfredo is an Italian treat that is super easy to make plant-based! We’ve looked through the Food Monster App recipes to find 15 of our creamiest, cheesiest recipes so you can celebrate National Fettuccine Alfredo Day at home!

1. Cauliflower AlfredoVegan Cauliflower Alfredo with pasta

This vegan Cauliflower Alfredo is a cauliflower and potato based cheese sauce. It’s like a grown-up mac and cheese if you will. The Dijon mustard gives it a cheesy tang that tastes so authentic. Now all you need is pasta and some bread for dipping!


2. Spaghetti Squash With Basil and Creamy Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce Vegan Spaghetti Squash With Basil and Creamy Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce with vegetables

A gluten-free dish perfect for those on a low-carb diet! Skip the pasta with this Spaghetti Squash With Basil and Creamy Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce.

3. Roasted Corn Alfredo Pasta Vegan Gluten-Free Roasted Corn Alfredo Pasta with veggies and spices

This Roasted Corn Alfredo Pasta is a spicier version of the Italian classic. Though it has a punch, the corn balances the dish out with some added crunchy sweetness.

4. Creamy Cauliflower Fettuccine AlfredoVegan Gluten-Free Creamy Cauliflower Fettuccine Alfredo

Just look at how gooey and rich this Creamy Cauliflower Fettuccine Alfredo looks! Just eight ingredients and you have a delicious, hearty meal for your entire family! This recipe is budget-friendly and wallet friendly!

5. Sweet Potato Stuffed Shells With Cashew AlfredoSweet Potato Alfredo Stuffed Shells 1

These Sweet Potato Stuffed Shells With Cashew Alfredo are so fancy! By trading the traditional, Italian ricotta stuffing for a low-calorie, low-fat sweet potato filling you’re saving calories and stomach-space for dessert. The cashew alfredo topping pulls this whole thing together.


6. Cauliflower Fettuccine AlfredoVegan Cauliflower Fettuccine Alfredo with mushrooms and broccoli

Vegan Cauliflower Fettuccine Alfredo is super simple to make but this version makes the classic dish a whole lot healthier by adding mushrooms and broccoli! This dish is fat-free so make extra, and eat up!

7. 6-Ingredient Pumpkin AlfredoVegan 6-Ingredient Pumpkin Alfredo

Simple, warming, budget-friendly, and just look at how RICH this looks! Make this 6-Ingredient Pumpkin Alfredo when you’re short on time and/or cash but still need your cheesy-pasta fix.

8. Lean Green Fettuccine AlfredoVegan Gluten-free Lean Green Fettuccine Alfredo with broccoli and lemon

This Lean Green Fettuccine Alfredo is loaded with veggies. The lemon gives this sauce an authentic cheesy tanginess.

9. Creamy Cauliflower Cashew Alfredo Rigatoni Creamy Cauliflower Cashew Alfredo Rigatoni

A Creamy Cauliflower Cashew Alfredo Rigatoni with garlic, pine nuts, and creamy non-dairy milk. This recipe includes some spicy peppers to give the creamy sauce a kick!


10. Butternut Squash Alfredo Vegan Gluten-Free Butternut Squash Alfredo with sage and vegan cheese

The butternut squash is transformed into a rich sauce made extra creamy by the addition of cashews. All you need is a blanket and a bowl of this gluten-free Butternut Squash Alfredo.

11. Creamy Cashew Tofu Alfredo Creamy Cashew Tofu Alfredo 1

This Creamy Cashew Tofu Alfredo is made extra protein-enriched with the combination of soy and nuts! The addition of green peppers gives this creamy dish just enough bite!

12. Cheesy Butternut Squash AlfredoVegan Cheesy Butternut Squash Alfredo with beans

Butternut squash, beans, kale, and pasta. Who knew that this strange combination would create such a creamy and delicious sauce! Try this Vegan Cheesy Butternut Squash Alfredo to sneak some extra veggies into your loved ones’ meal!

13. Miso Cauliflower Cashew Alfredo With Kale and Peas 

This Miso Cauliflower Cashew Alfredo With Kale and Peas is for the grain-free, gluten-free, plant-based, eaters! This dish is ideal for meal prepping as well! You can cook the pasta and veggies up to three days in advance and store them (without the sauce) into separate containers.


14. Pumpkin Alfredo With Spinach and CornVegan Gluten-Free Pumpkin Alfredo With Spinach and Corn with sesame seeds

This Pumpkin Alfredo With Spinach and Corn has spinach mixed in for extra nutrition and pops of sweetness and color. Garnish it with black sesame seeds to give this dish a tiny bit of nutty flavor.

15. Rigatoni With Avocado Alfredo and Vegetables Rigatoni With Avocado Alfredo

This Rigatoni With Avocado Alfredo and Vegetables is packed with flavor and is a unique take on the traditional Italian dish!

Vegan Gluten-Free Roasted Corn Alfredo Pasta with veggies

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Lead image source: Creamy Cauliflower Cashew Alfredo Rigatoni