A dollop of cream on top of your food is sometimes all you need! It can be the icing on the cake… literally. People love sour cream on top of their nachos, and for dessert, a nice scoop of sweet cream on top of some fruit is the perfect way to end a warm summer night. If you’re looking for plant-based creams, you’ve come to the right place. We went through the Food Monster App and found 10 oh-so-creamy creams for you to try making at home.

1. Raw Cashew Whip
Vegan Raw Cashew Whip

For anyone who loves whipped cream, this Cashew Whip is a great substitute – it’s raw, it’s vegan and has protein!


2. Super Easy Cashew CreamVegan Super Easy Versatile Cashew Cream (With A 3-Minute Option)

If you’re lactose intolerant, vegan or you just want to avoid dairy products, this Versatile Cashew Cream is the perfect substitute for dairy cream. In addition to their delicate nutty flavor and creamy texture, cashews are rich in protein, calcium, iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, zinc and potassium. They also contain omega-3 fatty acids and other heart-healthy fats.

3. Homemade Coconut Sour Cream
Vegan Homemade Coconut Sour Cream

Next time you need sour cream, instead of buying one, try whipping up this Coconut Sour Cream. It’s easy and delicious. Enjoy!

4. 3-Ingredient Coconut Brandy
Vegan 3-Ingredient Coconut Brandy Cream

This Coconut Brandy Cream is one of those staple recipes you need for any occasion. It’s so simple to whip up and you can put it with pretty much any dessert and it’ll taste good. Christmas pudding, Christmas cake, mince pies, mousse, chocolate cake… seriously, you name it and it probably tastes good!

5. Spiced Whipped Cream
Vegan Spiced Whipped Cream

There are about a million reasons to love Whipped Cream. It’s divine on pies, puddings, cakes and your favorite desserts and hot drinks. Or, the next time you make pumpkin pie or a chocolate torte, break out the ice cream scoop and place a perfect scoop of whipped cream on each slice. It will be stunning and oh so delicious.


6.  Soy-Free Whipped Cream
Vegan Soy-Free Whipped Cream

This Soy-Free Whipped Cream recipe will make roughly 4 to 5 cups of whipped cream so if you’re planning to make mousse topped with whipped cream, you need to multiply the ingredient amounts based on how much you are planning to serve.

7.  Easy Sour Cream
Vegan Easy Sour Cream

Sour Cream is one of those foods that makes a recipe go from delicious to perfection. But what if you are dairy free? This vegan sour cream fills the void. It’s creamy and tart and just as good as the traditional version.

8. Vanilla-Coconut Whipped Cream
Vegan Coconut Vanilla Whipped Cream

This Vanilla-Coconut Cream is the perfect accompaniment to this delicious and crispy Apple Pie! How refreshing.

9. Spiced Cashew Cream Affogato
Vegan Spiced Cashew Cream Affogato

A hot frosty Affogato is perfect for the best trend – dessert for breakfast! It is a frosty dessert with a hot pour, and it originated in Italy, of course, the authentic version is made with vanilla ice cream. Spicy cashew cream instead of vanilla ice cream is way more interesting! It is an unbelievable experience: the taste of melting frosty sweet cashew cream melting under the hot rich mocha. Yes.


10. 5-Ingredient Lime and Coconut Syllabub
Vegan 5-Ingredient Lime and Coconut Syllabub

A Syllabub is a sweet and simple, frothy English dessert typically made with whipped cream, wine or sherry, sweetener, and lemon juice. This simple vegan five-ingredient syllabub is just rich and creamy as the original with a hint of zesty lime. Serve chilled in glasses for the perfect minimalist dessert.

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Lead Image Source: Raw Cashew Whip