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‘Cheesy’ Vegan Pizzas That are as Ooey and Gooey as the Real Deal


Cheese pizza is the simple, go-to childhood classic that still provides the same comfort and happiness in adulthood! There’s nothing better than having a slice that is dripping with stretchy cheese — vegan cheese that is. In this day and age, vegan cheese is so advanced and refined that even those who eat dairy regularly frequently get fooled by it. Whether it is vegan mozzarella, feta, parmesan, or ricotta, pizzas can now be just as satisfyingly cheesy and gooey sans dairy!

See for yourself the remarkably similar tastes and textures between vegan cheeses and the real deal.

1. Moxarella Cheese Pizza

In this Moxarella Cheese Pizza, homemade “mozzarella” that streches, melts, and tastes like the real thing is spread all over. To make this rustic pie even better, the crust and the sauce are all made from scratch too! After all, isn’t everything always better when it’s homemade? It may sound like a lot of work, but the pizza is actually pretty simple to make and the work that it does require is so so worth it.

2. Margherita Pizza

You’ve got to try this paleo Margherita Pizza — it’s delicious, healthy, crispy, gooey, and everything a pizza should be. And don’t be afraid to customize it anyway you like. You have the choice of piling on your favorite store bought cheese or making a batch of your own! The simplicity of margherita pizza lets you enjoy the most important elements of any good pizza: the crust, the sauce, and, of course, the cheese.

3. Hash Brown PizzaHash Brown Pizza

How did we not think to merge our favorite breakfast food with our favorite anytime food before now? The thin hash brown crust is pressed out thin and topped with whatever your little heart desires. The crust on this Hash Brown Pizza is the perfect vehicle to get creative and make the comfort food of your dreams. Our suggestion is to generously sprinkle on the “cheese” and go all out with all of your fave classic pizza toppings.

4. Cauliflower Pizza With Sunflower Seed ‘Ricotta’ 

This recipe for Cauliflower Pizza With Sunflower Seed “Ricotta” gives you all of the tasty pizza flavors you crave with none of the unhealthy drawbacks a slice usually has. The cauliflower crust is crispy and delicious and the fresh toppings with the creamy sunflower seed “ricotta” make this pizza a winner. Who said that cheese pizza had to mean mozzarella?

5. Broccoli Cheese Pizza Broccoli Cheese Pizza

This easy and cheesy Broccoli Cheese Pizza doesn’t need any fancy ingredients or hours of prep time, depending on whether you want to use homemade or store-bought dough. Pizza crust is topped with a creamy cashew cheese sauce, steamed broccoli, and a sprinkle of nutritional yeast with vegan Parmesan cheese. You’ll want to make pizza night every night after you have this.

6. Parmesan Kale Pesto Pizza 

This Parmesan Kale Pesto Pizza is so delicious, anyone you share a slice with will be shocked to find out that it is actually free from gluten, eggs, soy, corn, and dairy. Instead of tomato sauce, this pizza is topped with a garlicky kale pesto, as well as vegan Parmesan, grape tomatoes, and broccoli. This pie is vibrant, delightfully textured, and healthy to boot!

7. Chicago Deep Dish Pizza With Cashew Mozzarella Chicago Deep Dish Pizza

“Where’s the cheese on this one!?” You may be asking. Well, the secret is that layered underneath roasted cherry tomatoes and sauce is an stretchy homemade cashew mozzarella that will blow your mind. This Chicago Deep Dish Pizza With Cashew Mozzarella is everything a pizza should be. The crust is thick and hearty. The sauce is chunky and spicy. The cashew mozzarella is melty and gooey.

8. Feta and Olive Greek Pizza 

All of the ingredients in this Greek and Italian fusion pizza get along so well. The olives, onions, spinach, hemp tofu feta, and cherry tomatoes get all aromatic and spicy with the oregano and red pepper flakes. They sit together so comfortable and cozy in the chewy and crisp crust. This Feta and Olive Greek Pizza was meant to be all along.

9. Fig Swiss Brown Mushroom and Herbed Cashew Cheese Pizza 

The combination of jammy figs, savory Swiss Brown mushrooms, creamy cashew cheese, and the flavor-bomb that is reduced balsamic on this pizza will knock your socks off. The bitterness of using arugula instead of spinach works so well with the figs! This Fig Swiss Brown Mushroom and Herbed Cashew Cheese Pizza features a super smooth and indulgent homemade cheese made from cashews and macadamia nuts.

10. Thin Crust Jalapeño Pizza 

If you are craving the ultra gooey texture, the look, and the taste of cheese, then this pizza will surely leave you satisfied. This Thin Crust Jalapeño Pizza has a thin, crispy, and homemade gluten-free crust that perfectly pairs with spicy sliced jalapeños, sun-dried tomato, and plenty of vegan cheese!

11. Beet ‘Pepperoni’ Pizza

Who ever knew that beets could make the perfect substitute for pepperoni? When you think about it, they’re the perfect shape and size! In this Beet “Pepperoni” Pizza, beets are marinated in a smoky, spicy sauce and then fried until crispy. They go perfectly with the crust and tomato sauce in the recipe, and then its up to you to pair it with ooey gooey vegan cheese of your dreams.

12. Buffalo Seitan Deep Dish PizzaBuffalo Seitan Deep Dish Pizza

Why risk getting your fingers dirty with Buffalo “wings” when you can put them on pizza? Topped with Buffalo seitan bites, vegan cheese, and vegetables, this Chicago-style Buffalo Seitan Deep Dish Pizza is the perfect solution. The crust is light, airy, and just browned on the bottom — perfect for such an intense pizza experience.

13. Cashew Cheese Pizza With Peppers, Mushrooms, and Artichokes Cashew Cheese Pizza With Peppers Mushrooms and Artichokes

This Cashew Cheese Pizza With Peppers, Mushrooms, and Artichokes is a fully loaded pizza with tons of gooey homemade cashew cheese and all of the savory vegetables you can imagine. The sauce is made from tomato paste and then given a charge of flavor from the spices that you’ll sprinkle atop it. Load the whole pie up with all of your toppings and bake it in the oven until it’s piping hot.

14. Tempeh Bacon Kale Pizza Tempeh Bacon Kale Pizza

This easy Tempeh Bacon Kale Pizza only requires six ingredients, is topped with stunningly tasty cheese sauce, and will probably be your new favorite recipe. It layers thick slices of tempeh bacon over wilted kale and garlic. Make your favorite, uber creamy cheese sauce to your liking and then don’t hold back when pouring it over this pie.

15. Mini Deep Dish Chickpea Flour Pizzas Mini Deep Dish Chickpea Flour Pizzas

These Mini Deep Dish Chickpea Flour Pizzas pack in all the traditional Italian flavors into each adorable tiny pie! The chickpea flour crusts bake into crisp-soft pillows that perfectly compliment the layers of caramelized, broiled vegetables and gooey vegan cheese on top. It doesn’t hurt that these minis are incredibly easy, quick, and convenient, too.

Phew! After looking at all that gloriously cheesy, saucy, crispy pizzas we are in desperate need of a slice.
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Lead image source: Thin Crust Jalapeño Pizza

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