When it comes to how chocolate can be made, the average consumer usually thinks of one thing: cocoa beans. While cocoa-based chocolate is what you’re likely to find in the chocolate bars at your supermarket checkout, there are actually different ways of achieving that familiar chocolaty taste so many adore. Carob, for instance, is a substance that comes from the pods of Fabaceae tree, a member of the pea family. We know what you’re thinking – how could something off of a pea tree possibly produce a taste akin to chocolate? Well, friends, not only is it possible, it’s delicious! 

There are carob chips, powders, and syrups for adding into your baked goods and cooking, and carob has actually gotten so popular that some companies are even using it as a healthy chocolate alternative in their snacks and sweets. Whether you’re interested in carob out of curiosity, as a healthier chocolate alternative, or because you’re allergic to chocolate, there is likely a carob product out there that suits your tastes. Here are 10 carob sweets and treats to get you started!