New Yorker’s have enjoyed By Chloe since 2015 when the first eatery opened its doors. After expanding to other states like Massachusetts and California, the plant-based cafe is now setting up shop in the UK, too. The first international location of By Chloe will be located in Covent Garden in London and is expected to open in January of 2018.

When asked why the UK was the next stop for By Chloe, co-founder, Samantha Wasser, told The Independent, “The thriving dining scene, the culture and the fashion all make London the ideal city filled with diners with a growing curiosity for vegan and plant-based cuisine.”


All of By Chloe’s food is made from scratch. Whether you need a meal to grab-and-go like a burger and fries or you prefer to sit down and enjoy a salad or soup, the cafe caters to all with its casual environment. The new UK restaurant will seat up to 70 diners while also offering food for those who are on-the-go. Diners can expect to see some popular dishes like The Guac Burger, Quinoa Taco Salad, Matcha Kelp Noodles and Mac n’ Cheese. By Chloe is even planning a variety of dishes that will be exclusive to this location.

Homemade Cafe Food Similar to By Chloe’s Menu

If you aren’t near a location of By Chloe, you can still enjoy this plant-based cafe fare at home! Here are some recipes from the Food Monster App that will make you feel as though you’re eating at a By Chloe.

Make these Green Tea Noodles with matcha and spirulina!

These Green Tea Noodles by Stefania D’Alessandro makes a great meal for two. Rice noodles are mixed with matcha and spirulina to give them their lovely, light green color. They’re mixed with meaty mushrooms and a mixture of carrots and peas for a dose of vegetables. Serve these noodles with soy sauce, hot sauce, and sesame oil, based on your taste preferences.

Try this tasty Super Star Lentil Taco Salad.

Fresh tortillas are topped with tomato seasoned lentils and perfectly grilled chili spiced veggies in this Super Star Lentil Taco Salad by Renee Press. Finish with sliced avocado or guacamole, some chopped cilantro or parsley and drizzle of hot sauce and you have yourself a lovely meal.

Bake these Chocolate Cupcakes With Maple Whiskey Vanilla Frosting! 

These Chocolate Cupcakes With Maple Whiskey Vanilla Frosting by Emily von Euw are super moist, chocolaty cupcakes with just a HINT of excellent beer. Guinness is a great choice for these cupcakes.

Want to learn how make more fast food favorites at home? Check out these 15 Vegan Versions of Your Fast Food Favorites by downloading the Food Monster App, which is available for both Android and iPhone, and can also be found on Instagram and Facebook. It’s brimming with over 8,000 plant-based meals that are allergy-friendly. Subscribers even get access to 10 meals a day. Check it out!

Lead image source: by CHLOE. Bleecker Street/Facebook