If you think you’ve indulged in every vegan burger variation that exists, then think again! In California, 30 local eateries will put their brains and buns together to create new vegan burgers for the first Great Sacramento Vegan Burger Battle. This crowd-judged competition will begin June 1st and end June 30th.

Battle-goers can sign up as a team to taste and judge what these 30 restaurants are serving, or they can visit the locations on their own and vote for their favorite plates. The contest has a number of categories, including Beyond Burger, Impossible Burger, House-Made Vegan Burger, Portobello Burger and Oil-Free Vegan Burger. Click here to see what vegan patties each eatery will offer. Delicious toppings include:


The one and only rule is that everything MUST be vegan!

vegan burger

The event’s organizer, Bethany Davis, is the sans-meat master behind the city’s Vegan Chef Challenge, which has now been around for 8 years. The Great Vegan Burger Battle will run along the same rules. Veggie-hungry chefs and restaurants can also win prizes for Best Fries and Sides, Most Sold Burger, Highest Profile on social media, Most Viewed burger and Most Photogenic. Now, this sounds like a competition we can get into!

For Bethany, one of the main goals of the Vegan Burger Battle is to, “raise awareness and have the yummy, competition burgers be all-vegan from bun to patty and everything in-between, along with the sides.”

California is already a mecca for vegan food, but in 2016 Sacremento’s council passed a Meatless Monday resolution, in honor of MFM founder Paul McCartney.


If you’d like more information check out the website!

Want some unique, hearty veggie burgers right this second?

If you can’t make it to the Burger Battle, opt for our vegan burgers from the Food Monster App!

Tempeh Black Bean Burgers With Creamy Dill SauceTempeh Black Bean Burgers With Creamy Dill Sauce

These Tempeh Black Bean Burgers With Creamy Dill Sauce are a true treat. This vegan burger is perfected by mixing black beans and tempeh and it’s baked, not fried. Pair with the homemade creamy dill sauce for the perfect flavor combo! These would probably win the vegan burger challenge.

Curry Burger With Mango ChutneyCurry Burger With Mango Chutney

This Curry Burger With Mango Chutney is a unique take on a classic burger. Topped with mango chutney, it’s everything you love about an Indian curry, but in burger form!


Mushroom and Zucchini Burger With Radicchio SlawMushroom and Zucchini vegan Burger With Radicchio Slaw

This Mushroom and Zucchini Burger With Radicchio Slaw recipe is one of a kind. To make them even better, the burgers are topped with a crunchy and tangy radicchio slaw and creamy avocado.

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