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7 GMO-Free Soy Products

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7 GMO-Free Soy Products

With the failure in November 2012 of California’s Proposition 37 and the recent announcement by Whole Foods to put GMO labels on all products sold in their stores by 2018, the term GMO has become a hot topic in the news. With all this coverage, you might be wondering what GMO means, why it is so controversial, and why you should be concerned about it.

GMO stands for “genetically modified organism” and means that the DNA of that organism, be it plant or animal, has been altered using genetic engineering techniques. This is different from crossbreeding, which is when two closely related species are interbred. Genetic modification of food is done by taking a specific gene from one species and putting it into the DNA of another with the hope that it will produce a desired trait, such as taking the gene from a cold-water fish that allows it to thrive in freezing temperatures and splicing it into the DNA of a tomato. Therefore, GM organisms could never be produced in nature, and unlike crossbreeding, which has been practiced for centuries by farmers without negative effects to human health, genetic modification is a new technology with unforeseen, and possibly destructive, consequences.

Large GMO corporations, such as Mansanto, boast a wide range of benefits from using GM foods, ranging from health, to environmental, to economic. However, there is little research on the impact of consuming GMO products, mostly because the FDA does not require these foods to be labeled or tested for safety, and most of the research being done is funded by these corporations. Closer inspection now shows that most Monsanto’s claims are unfounded, and have even been criticized by third-party investigators.

Today, over 80% of processed foods in the U.S. contain GMO products. The crops that are most likely to be GMO include corn, canola, flax, soy, rice, papaya, sugar beets, alfalfa, and zucchini, as well as the ingredients derived from these plants, with a large list including canola oil, high-fructose corn syrup, and both natural and artificial flavorings.

With the pervasiveness of these products in supermarkets and the severe lack of impartial research, government regulation, and product labeling, how can you protect yourself from these potentially harmful products? You can buy organic, which, by law, cannot contain GMOs.  However, this is not fool-proof because the law does not require testing to ensure that these products are GMO-free. Your best bet is to look for the “Non-GMO Project Verified” label. The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization focused on making sure that information concerning GMO products is substantiated and accessible to the general public.  They have taken it upon themselves to label foods that they have verified as containing less than 0.9% GMO products.  For ease when shopping, there is a list of all the brands currently verified through the non-GMO project that can either be printed or downloaded as an iPhone App.

Since soy products are a staple in most vegan diets, but have a high risk of being GMO, we have compiled a list of 7 verified GMO-free tofu and and soy-based meat alternative products to help you make an informed soy purchase.

1. Nasoya

nasoya tofu

Nasoya is conveniently found in most supermarkets, stocking the shelves with a multitude of tofu options, from silken to extra firm, along with sprouted and cubed varieties.  Their tofus are certified organic, have no preservatives, and are GMO free.  Nasoya is also committed to both sourcing their soybeans from producers who use conservation practices and to creating environmental initiatives to limit waste.

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5 comments on “7 GMO-Free Soy Products”

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4 Months Ago

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5 Months Ago

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jaune replique Cartier bague
7 Months Ago

jaune replique Cartier bague Wonderful post however , I was wondering if you could write a litte more on this topic? I'd be very thankful if you could elaborate a little bit more. Thanks!

blanc replique cartier love bracelet
7 Months Ago

blanc replique cartier love bracelet The problem is those of us who didn’t vote for him, which is the majority, are going to suffer big time.

10 Months Ago

I am new to non-GMO in all foods. It is truly scary to watch are food safety and processing suffer due to pesticides and the never-ending growth of new GMO\'s. Another concern is the flavorings used in Non-GMO products, no one has asked. So It would be helpful to know what is used to make tofu taste like turkey of beef, etc. I would be more open to trying it. Currently I am eating fish and grass feed beef once a week, everything else I have tried to stick with organic, and recently found natural is not always organic and organic has a percentage on some foods, due to mixed with non-organics. I would love to hear about these issues on this forum as well.

3 Years Ago


Eat good, organic and beautiful has become a new practice. The brothers Paul and John are not new followers of this practice. They were born into it. The son of farmers, agricultural environment is the environment where they grew up.

SARL Les Silos Touch company founded by their father, where they now work, they had the idea to produce a range of organic products (cereal mix, soy sauce ....) With the same thought in mind, that of ensuring a close link between farmers (forgotten the circuit) and consumers.

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What PauletJean brand products?

We meet in the PauletJean brand ready meals, organic, grain mix such as lentils, soybeans, spelled, barley and oats. They are ready to eat meals, simply heat them in the microwave (2 minutes) or in a water bath (5 min) or pan.

It also meets a shoyu soy sauce (soy origin France without hexane, Japanese recipe)

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Why consume / purchase PauletJean products?

-For Cereal mix, PauletJean buys directly from the farmer. The slogan "From our land to your plate" is meaningless with PauletJean. In addition, to ensure traceability of the entire circuit, you PauletJean lists on the packaging of each product farmers address at which cereals are purchased as well as the address of the caterer who did.

-For Its shoyu the following main feature, it is without hexane. When wants to eat good, organic and beautiful, it is necessarily arrested because hexane is derived from the petrochemical industry. Consuming foods containing hexane can be dangerous to health.

-For Its distribution. PauletJean chose to deliver its products directly, making the short circuit and thus a safer traceability

For more information, thank you visit the site pauletjean.com

Soybean the FRENCH Soytouch

Silos of touch, you will find a high quality soybean. Our unique seed sorting and conservation that is found nowhere else is to human food and oil mill. Produced according to the degree of Silos Touch the seed corresponds to a wide range of use FOOD.

With soy seed Soytouch, you can improve your effience choosing from the two formulas (I and Q + + SOY SOY), the one that best fits your production.

With the formula I + SOJA, we guarantee you a protected identity in line with full traceability of our land to the consumer\'s plate.

With the formula Q + SOJA, you choose the physical parameters (variety, hilum color) and chemical (protein level).

All our beans are non-GMO certified at 0.01% by an external laboratory.

For more information, thank you visit the site silosdutouch.com

The river of Touch:

Touch the River is a tributary of the Garonne with a total length of sixty five (75) km. The Touch starts to Lihac south Coteaux de Gascogne and comes to throw north of Toulouse in the Garonne.

Throughout the Touch, there are many pumping stations for irrigation of crops and drinking water supply through the sampling point located in Saint Martory.

On along the Touch, There are places such as the "green corridor Touch" valued for the walk but also facilities and dykes for private use.

Touch in many plant species (and animal (fish, in small quantities, the agile frog, ...) are everywhere.

What is tofu? :

Tofu or soy cheese is Chinese food that has conquered all continents. It is a white paste rather neutral taste and low odor that is manufactured from .We soy milk curdles milk, then press the resulting paste to extract the excess water.

It is found in several forms: dried, smoked, in sheets or blocks, herbs ...

Nowadays, very popular especially in the West in vegetarians and vegans in, tofu is seen as a valid substitute for meat (including meat fish).

Tofu can be eaten alone, fried, mixed with salad or vegetables and grains.

Rich in carbohydrates, minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, zinc, calcium) as well as vitamins A, E, B, D, tofu can be used as an effective means of struggle against declining estrogen levels and eliminate bad cholesterol levels in the blood.

Go to pauletjean.com and soytouch.com

Soy milk or Tonyu :

Obtained by a mixture of water and germinated seed of soybean, soy milk beyond the visual appearance whitish almost has the same nutritional value as cow\'s milk except that it does not contain it cholesterol, calcium and lactose.

For people who have a cholesterol Soy milk is the ideal substitute for cow\'s milk.

In terms of health, soymilk effectively fights breast cancer for women who have reached menopause. Excessive consumption of soy milk, however, can be dangerous in humans causing early sexual maturation in children and causing some deficiencies.

Go to pauletjean.com and soytouch.com

The soy sauce and hexane?

Nowadays, the majority of makers of soy sauce extract the oil from the seed with hexane .From its toxicity, the use of hexane requires strict security rules to respect.

Recognizing the potential danger facing consumers because even if the Soy sauce on the market are not involved in a health scandal, the risk that it happens is real. Therefore PauletJean developed a method to make a shoyu soy sauce without HEXANE.

The precautionary principle is honored with PauletJean.

Go to pauletjean.com and soytouch.com

The Non GMO what is it?

Sign up in the non-GMO (genetically modified organism) is to adopt sustainable agricultural practices that reflect the diversity of the economic and social balance and the health of consumers.

-In Terms of biodiversity, produce non-GMO, it is not participating in the decline of certain species such as bees, to fight against water pollution, soil destruction that cause for climate change;

-In Terms of balance, it is not participating in gentle disappearance of farmers because industrial agriculture without trying to complement traditional agriculture took the lead;

-In Terms of social balances, which are the result of economic imbalances is not to cause disorientation among traditional farmers could lead to worse;

And when health is to refuse to consume food drowned in mass pesticides and chemical fertilizers, the contents are unknown.

Go to pauletjean.com and soytouch.com

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Becca Schuler
3 Years Ago

This article states there are "7" GMO-free soy products....I have only found 1 listed.
Where are the other 6 products listed?
Please and thanks

Di DeBerry
09 Mar 2017

There is an arrow below right of picture that takes you to the next on and so forth.

4 Years Ago

All I see on this page is one product, #1, Nasoya. There is no option to see the remaining six items.

19 Aug 2014

Yeah, met too. I guess they don\'t want to tell you how to find the rest considering it has been 3 months! A little frustrating.

4 Years Ago

Great site, but the constant ads are totally obnoxious and has that negative corporate feel along with installing the adclick cookie!


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