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What will it take to stop using and abusing animals for human entertainment and greed? When will people value innocent life over lining their pockets? When it comes to using animals for entertainment, most people think of zoos, circuses, or marine parks, but the cruelty goes beyond that. Horse racing is often excluded because of the false facade that has been given by the industry’s wealthy owners and audience. Sadly, the industry is anything but glamorous, and now, the death of a three-year-old bay colt named Irish Spring has come as another example of the horrors that occur at the derby.

Irish Spring was racing at the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club when he went down along with another horse and a jockey. Irish Spring lost his life and others were put at risk – and for what? There is nothing worth making innocent lives suffer, certainly not money! Don’t let Irish Spring’s life be in vain, sign the petition the Care2 team has initiated to get the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club in California to end horse racing once and for all. Just two weeks before Irish Spring’s death, another horse died on the same track. Enough is enough!

Drugs are often used to keep the horses from collapsing on the track and to increase their endurance. According to The Horse Fund, “Many racehorses become addicted to drugs when their trainers and veterinarians give them drugs to keep them on the track when they shouldn’t be racing.” Additionally, the derby is a huge contributing factor in the horse slaughter crisis. Thousands of horses each year are born into the industry with only about half of them “making the cut.” These horses are often sent across the U.S. border for slaughter.

As you can see, the horse racing industry is not at all what any of us have been led to believe. Shutting down racetracks one by one will save countless lives, and the Del Mar Thoroughbred Club is a good start. You can also help by pledging to never watch or attend a horse racing event and spreading the truth about this cruel industry.

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Image Source: Pixabay