Ra-Leek Born may only be 10 years old, but he’s already making waves in competitive boxing circles. The young boy from Springfield Gardens, Queens started boxing  a year ago and he is already making a name for himself in the ring. Most recently, Ra-Leek won the Championship Belt for the 75-pound weight class at the Ringside Worldwide Boxing Tournament, a competition that brings together boxers from all around the world. Ra-Leek hasn’t just been getting attention for his impressive boxing moves, though. It turns out in addition to being one of the best and most dedicated young boxers in New York, the tyke also just so happens to be vegan.

So, why in the world would a 10-year-old kid interested in boxing decide to stop eating something as protein-rich as meat? Well, it’s simple really. He heard from many boxers and trainers that eating vegan is actually great for training. Now, he didn’t share exactly what these boxers and trainers said, but we can only assume that they pointed out how easy it is to get enough protein and all the essential vitamins and nutrients needed to be an athlete right from the plant kingdom. Considering Ra-Leek hopes to one day make it to the Olympics, just like Team USA vegan weightlifter Kendrick Farris did in the most recent Olympics, he’s not taking his trainer’s diet suggestions lightly.


Ra-Leek has been eating plant-based since January and shows no intention of stopping. Quite the contrary, actually. Ra-Leek was so passionate about his dietary decision, that his father decided to join him and start eating vegan, as well! As a diabetic, Mr. Born says that his life has completely changed since he and his son started eating plant based. “I lost 60 pounds and I no longer take any medication. I feel great now.” he shared with Qns, “I give all the thanks to my son for pushing me to let him be a vegan. I tell him all the time that he may have saved my life!”

As we see more vegan athletes showing that plant-based food does equate to strength and vitality in athletics, we are slowly seeing the preconceived notions of this food sector start to disintegrate.  Hopefully, Ra-Leek’s story will inspire others to see plant-based food in a new light.

Image source: Qns