Domesticated animals rarely attack out of pure aggression. When an animal lashes out violently you can bet that nine times out of 10 the animal was either afraid or protective. Sadly, most people don’t seem to understand that. It’s why dogs that bite are usually deemed “too violent to live” after one attack and get put down.

But one Round Rock, Texas police officer named Randall Fredericks showed exactly how a dog should be handled if they fear-bite.


A round rock resident named Geoff Wightman called the police due to a disturbance in the neighborhood. He warned the dispatcher that his dog, Jillaroo, was very protective of the family and that officers should exercise caution.

This Police Officer Shows The Right Way To Handle A Protective Pet!

When Officer Fredericks arrived on the scene Wightman went to answer the door. However, his 4-year-old son was already at the door with Jillaroo. When the toddler approached officer Fredericks, Jillaroo got between the two and lunged at Fredericks. She didn’t bite hard enough to make him need stitches, but she did manage to break the skin.

It’s clear that Jillaroo could’ve done much more damage than this. These bites don’t say ” I want to hurt you.” They say, “I don’t know who you are. Back off!”

8.23.15 - Cop Calms Dog5


Sadly, in many situations, this is the point where the dog might be tazed, pepper-sprayed, or even shot. But in a stunning show of compassion and understanding Fredericks decided to stay calm and try to soothe the dog instead of retaliating. Wightman was able to separate the two and Jillaroo calmed down shortly afterward.

In the wake of the incident, Fredericks went to animal control to file an incident report and get checked for rabies. He made no effort to have the owner cited or the dog removed from the home.

Officer Fredericks was given a commendation for his cool attitude under pressure. Fredericks is in the ball cap second from the left.


Fredericks has been recognized for his actions by residents and other officers alike, and with good reason! Dogs that bite strangers are almost never trying to be aggressive, they’re just trying to protect the ones they love.

Or as officer Fredericks put it, “She was just doing her job.”All image source: Round Rock Police Department/Facebook