An adorable squirrel named Ashe is lucky to be alive thanks to the compassionate actions of the woman who found her, Sheree G. The poor little girl fell out of a chimney into the burning fireplace and was then chased by the little dogs who lived there. Sheree rescued Ashe in the nick of time and drove her 45 minutes to a member of the NC Wildlife Rehab. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn’t it? But wait, it gets better!

Ashe made the long ride to a professional wildlife rehabilitator where she had her wounds cleaned, hair trimmed, and the soot removed from her nose and mouth.


The fact this little squirrel survived this ordeal was shocking enough, but she had another surprise in store … babies!

We all hope this sweet mama-to-be will have a quick and smooth recovery!



NC Wildlife Rehab is a network of independently trained wildlife rehabilitators in North Carolina who are committed to treating sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife in order to release them back into their natural habitats. All the animals are provided with a proper nutritional diet, nurtured, provided safe, enriched temporary housing, and medically treated as necessary. To donate to NC Wildlife Rehab, click here.


Remember, if you find a sick or injured animal to always contact a professional wildlife rehabilitator to ensure the safe and proper care of the animal and also your own safety!

All image source: NC Wildlife Rehab/Facebook