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A disturbing plan to limit the Canadian Goose population has recently come to light in two cities in Wisconsin. According to two Care2 petitions, in the cities of Twin Lakes and Mondovi, extensive culls are planned for the local goose population.

The petition writers explain the resident geese, as well as their newly hatched goslings, are to be rounded up and gassed with, most probably, carbon dioxide. Euthanasia through carbon dioxide is approved as humane, but in reality, this method of killing animals seems quite contrary. The animals put in gas chambers are under immense stress, they experience severe fear and suffocate even before the actual gas is used.

What is the reason for this severe treatment of Wisconsin’s geese? Simply put, residents complain the geese population is producing too much feces in areas populated by people. Among the other outrageous allegations are the geese make too much noise, and eat too much grass from the lawns. In a word, they are being targeted for nothing else than simply being geese.

The geese population can be controlled in a number of other ways that do not involve the senseless killing of the animals. The birds can, for example, be scared off by audio or visual stimuli or gadgets like “The Goosinator”, so that they decide to leave a particular area on their own accord. Other ways of solving the problem can be site aversion and egg addling.

These geese culls shows our entitlement when it comes to the land we occupy together with other living beings. The proposed method of dealing with the population is not only completely out of proportion to the actual problem – it is also simply inhumane and unacceptable to kill off living creatures for no real reason other than our own whim and convenience.

In Mondovi, the killing is planned to be conducted sometime after June 15, 2017. Let us show the proponents of the geese killings that their shameful idea is not acceptable – take a stand and sign the petition against the goose round-ups in Twin Lakes and Mondovi!

Buzz Petition

Image source: Kimberley Payne/publicdomainpictures

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0 comments on “2 Cities in Wisconsin Want to Cull Geese for Being Too Loud and Eating Grass. Let’s Act Now!”

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pamela frost
1 Years Ago

Traffic to loud, people to loud, music to loud, Why don\'t we dispose of them all.

john pasqua
1 Years Ago


1 Years Ago

With all the noise that humans make they are complaining about geese? I confess I thought it was about the guano-I signed already. the double standards that people have when it comes to animals is appalling and I feel disgust so often. I love hearing geese and suer, they can be our but given the choice between them and car music, especially the base, machinery, sirens, planes flying over head when near an airport-you get the picture-I would take geese honking any day at any hour.


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