Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg is a designer, artist, and writer exploring emerging technologies, developing new roles for design, and her most recent creation is developing synthetic creatures to help prevent the “sixth extinction.” The proposed organisms would be created in a lab with traits aimed at cleaning up pollution and helping save other species.

Other ideas to help avoid the extinction of species have involved genetic modification, which is highly controversial and has not been implemented. However, according to i09, “Synthetic biology [what Ginsberg is proposing] is not a new concept. Craig Venter proposed the idea a few years ago, and recently a Stanford research team created the first complete model of a living organism.”


Ginsberg herself said the ideas demonstrated through her installation are possible. According to DeZeen, Ginsberg says, “There’s a scientist who I showed this to and she said it’s already happening. It’s happening not at the level of organisms but with bacteria; the concept of releasing things into the wild to preserve nature….I’m not proposing this as the future but it’s meant to highlight these questions…and now the idea is to take it back to scientists and start the conversation going.”

Take a look at Ginsberg’s proposed creations and tell us what you think!

The porcupine-like Autonomous Seed Disperser spreads seeds to increase biodiversity
The slug-like Mobile Bioremediating Device emits alkali to neutralize acidic soil
The puffball-like self-inflating Antipathogenic Membrane Pump lives on oak trees and releases spores that treat sudden oak death

All Images: Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg