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The ability of humankind to mold and shape the world is unparalleled by any other species. While at times this ability has resulted in great success and accomplishment, we are now seeing other – much less positive – effects of this ability. Scientists have observed that the rate at which plant and animal species are going extinct on Earth are nearly 1,000 times higher than normal.

In fact, the rapid rate of extinction has lead scientists, and conservationists alike, to declare that we are in the middle of the sixth mass extinction of species. Earth has borne witness to wide-spread extinctions before, but this time there is undeniable evidence that species are disappearing as the result of human actions. Habitat loss and degradation coupled with an altered climate and rapidly warming global temperatures has fundamentally changed the very biosphere of our planet. This is forcing species to adapt or perish at a rapid pace, and trends have shown a strong tendency to the latter.

World Wildlife Fund, in collaboration with the London Zoological Society, recently published a study entitled, “Living Planet Report 2014,” that addresses the issue of global species loss. Overall, the report deduced that in the past 40 years, the world has lost a stunning 52 percent of wildlife. That means that if you were born in 1970, the world has lost over half of the species that existed at your birth.

While this might sound daunting, there is still hope for the species that remain on Earth. However, seeing this outrageous statistic, it is wildly apparent that in order to save these remaining species, we need to take action now!

The first step in making change is spreading knowledge, so share this infographic and let’s spread the word that the world’s species need our help now!

This Infographic on How Much Wildlife We've Lost in the Past 40 Years Will Shock You

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3 Years Ago

Please take a moment and look at what the BLM is doing to the wild horses of this country. They are rounding them up all across the few places they have left to run free and placing them in holding pens that cost the American citizen millions in tax paying dollars. Let alone the cattle ranches are pushing this so they can have complete control of the land for grazing. These horses will likely die, be abused, possibly sent to slaughter and lose their freedom. Write your congressman and senators to stop this act against the wild horses.

su jeff
3 Years Ago

YOUR ATTENTION REQUIRED-While we are paying NO attention to species loss, it is encroaching on us, our children and future generations. Irresponsible corporations who pollute on massive scales and without conscience are snuffing out life on earth. It is past time to wake up and demand change.- It is late.- The next 40 years are coming for a child you know. We have to call up, call out, show up at our senators and reps., to cite our demands, obnoxiously if needed! We don\'t need House leaders under sun lamps, or men trifling for gun rights, against women\'s/gay rights, whining about a President\'s birthplace/race, moving the nation\'s fortune into the hands of the excessively wealthy. We cannot survive the corruption, pollution and rape of the earth. We have to get off our collective, apathetic, selfish asses, shine some light on the self absorbed, ego maniacs who are destroying life on earth, or do we care as long as in the moment we are doing OK.

Duncan Jones
3 Years Ago

There are estimated to be 12,000 Sei whales remaining. Your graphic says 47 did you mean 47%? Although this would be inaccurate also. As genetics has shown us that sei whale populations would have numbered in the millions before whaling. That leaves us with a population that is approximately 1% of what it once was. These are worrying times. The extinction of nature by 2038 is no joke and will be entirely the fault of humans.


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