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Why Are We So Upset About Melissa Bachman Killing a Lion?

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This photo of big game hunter and Minnesota-based television presenter, Melissa Bachman, went crazy viral on Nov. 19, and nearly every story about it has too. A fury of death threats and other raging comments have erupted from even the least likely of individuals, filling up Bachmann’s social media pages.

By now, most of us know the story: Bachman posted the photo above of her smiling self with a lion carcass on Facebook and Twitter with the caption, “An incredible day hunting in South Africa! Stalked inside 60-yards on this beautiful male lion. What a hunt!”

She legally shot the big cat on the land of the Maroi Conservancy based in the Limpopo province of South Africa, whose motto is “conservation through sustainable hunting,” reports ABC News.

A petition was soon started on Change.org urging the South African government to ban Bachman from entering the country. The petition has 248,339 supporters as of this article’s publication. A Facebook page has also popped up with strong voices against Bachman and big game hunters.

The backlash to her photo is certainly warranted as big game hunting is a poor excuse for conservation, especially when 75 percent of wild lions have been killed in the last 20 years, and this number is likely to accelerate in the next decade if nothing is done, as reported by ABC News.

Yet the backlash against Bachman has turned monstrous.

Some commenters have called Bachman a “c*nt,” others use “sick b*tch,” and still more wished for her death with lines like, “@MelissaBachman you’re a f*cking vile human being who serves no purpose on this planet, and to top it off, you’re ugly too” and “@MelissaBachman You are the worst human … I hope that you kill himself with your own weapons #AbsolutelyLoser @darcyquinnr @carocruzosorio.”

These are pretty harsh words for one human being, and any advocate knows that this is not how you win a fight.

Perhaps such a backlash has ensued because this is really the first time that a big game hunting photo has gone viral, exposing trophy hunting for what it is, but the comments paint an even more troubling picture.

There are countless photos of smiling trophy hunters with their big game prey (do a quick Google search to see just a handful of them). These are easily accessible photographs, and have been posted on plenty of social media pages before, but none have drawn such fierce reactions like Bachman’s — probably because all the others show males holding up their prized prey, and Bachman breaks the mold as a female.

This is not to say that Bachman’s actions shouldn’t be criticized, but rather that what’s going on under the surface needs to be examined.

Recently the male-dominated Dallas Safari Club came out with a ridiculous proposal to auction off a hunt of a rare African black rhino (which has not been stopped as of this writing), gaining quite a bit of attention but not nearly as much as Bachman’s photo has, begging the question – is it easier to stomach male hunters killing big, majestic creatures than female ones?

Even the popular Change.org petition is only aimed at banning Bachman from South Africa, not all the other big game hunters who legally stalk their prey at Maroi Conservancy and in other African countries.

Ideally, neither female hunters nor male hunters should be held up to different standards. In either case, animals who do not need to die are being killed and that should be the real focus.

What’s more, so many commenters are outraged by the death of this one male lion, but billions of animals are killed each year, often ending up on billions of dinner plates around the world. These animals are also victims of injustice and cruelty, and are just as deserving of our attention as a lion.

So instead of pointing fingers, let’s look at the bigger picture, and see how we can be a part of the solution.

Below, discover a quick round-up of posts detailing ways you can effectively help animals in need today.

Image source: Melissa Bachman / Twitter

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402 comments on “Why Are We So Upset About Melissa Bachman Killing a Lion?”

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Derf Forman
5 Months Ago

What makes me angry are the "know nothing busy bodies" who have nothing better to do than bash and trash other people!

Margaret J. Wergley
5 Months Ago

Don't care about their rational...it's still wrong.

Toni Crocetti Kellam
5 Months Ago

Male or female hunters are completely selfish and unfeeling people. Trophy hunting should be banned.

Karna Karnac
5 Months Ago

This scum should be put in a cage with cockroaches for rest of her life.

5 Months Ago

P.S. And if it were 'part of the food-chain' we wouldn't have guns, and we'd be the ones being eaten!

5 Months Ago

I'm not sure some of the responders have read the article or got the point of it. I find it hard to believe that people 'did not know trophy hunting existed' before hearing of Bachman - what about the animal heads that have adorned walls for hundreds of years etc?! At first I felt that it was because this is the first time we had a name to put to the face of a grinning ghoul on one of these vile photographs, but you've given an example of a well-known male who had also appeared. The point is, in the man's case it was not picked up and campaigned against. We see this time and time again - an innate double standard applied to women. In ALL cases hunting is cruel and unnecessary -even in the States where people seem to think they have a right to shoot and take lives willy-nilly. Bachman's photo (and the picture also doing the rounds of the family grinning around a corpse) epitomises the disgusting nature of this so-called sport, however: 'this animal is so beautiful I killed it, and so now it's gone.' She deserves a huge backlash - BUT so do all the others like her. Only a consistent movement against this practise will stop it. AND throwing sexist and misogynist insults in her direction is neither consistent to all perpetrators, nor, as the article points out, the way to achieve the change so urgently needed.

Shakti Energy
5 Months Ago

I am against canned hunting, the people who do it are cowards in every sense of the word and yes Lindsay you are right as well.

Charles Anderson
5 Months Ago

I applaud Melissa Bachman! She is my new hero. Millions of humans will die this year that do not have to and where will all of your indignation be then? An animal died, SO WHAT.....

Joe Lechman
5 Months Ago

and cavemen killed mammoths.......bastards

LorI Jones
5 Months Ago

I think people are just getting tired and outraged at the fact that people look at life so carelessly. We just lost an endangered species in the black rhino. Thanks to trophy hunters, people who sought their horns, people who cared less about preservation destroyed a species. They are gone now. People are waking up to the fact that there are so many people out there looking for a thrill, and arranging it on a fenced in area, where the animals (many endangered) have no chance. People are starting to shift, and there are those of us who are sick to death of seeing these awful photos that depict man's authority over wildlife and other creatures, and are making decisions that are destroying our earth. That is why I think this has caused outrage. This person created this firestorm by boasting and posting photos of her trophy that just happened to spread like wildfire due to it's sadness, crudeness and the joy shown in ending a life. I haven't seen any photos of male trophy hunters with their kills, I saw this one. Brought awareness and made me feel sad and sick to my stomach that fencing off wild animals, and taking money for people to stalk them and kill them knowing they have no chance, is an acceptable form of "entertainment."


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