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When it comes to giving your customers what they want and need, there’s two ways to do it, Green Monsters.

The context: U.S. public interest in the safety and health of GMO foods is at a high. We need only to consider the numbers found in surveys on consumer desire for GMO labeling – public approval of GMO labeling laws hovers in the 90s and upward range, no matter who is polling.

Now, let’s compare how two major corporations have handled the removal of GMO foods from their products.

Exhibit A: General Mills, the people who bring us those iconic Cheerios, among other packaged food staples. Back in January of this year, General Mills announced that it would remove GMO ingredients from its Cheerios brand cereal. But, for many, this came as a half-hearted attempt to appease consumer demand – not as a true move to make for a better food supply. As The Motley Fool reports, “General Mills seemed to cynically remove GMOs from its Cheerios cereal. It said it had no plans to remove them from its other brands and its CEO declared the results were pretty much what he expected as sales didn’t move the needle. Heck, according to him, even his customers don’t care about GMOs!” In other words, the General Mills GMO ban from Cheerios may have been more about simply meeting a consumer demand. Heck, Cheerios are a tried and true staple for so many toddlers across this country – what company in their right mind wouldn’t back down to a enormous group of concerned parents demanding GMO-free nibbling for their tots?

Now, consider Exhibit B: Chipotle, everyone’s favorite burrito hotspot. Chipotle is the true incarnation of moving to meet consumer demand in a full and sweeping manner. By the end of this year, Chipotle is on track to become completely GMO-free, staying true to its “Food With Integrity” philosophies. The company frequently speaks out on its stance that the world can indeed be fed without the need for damaging GMOs. Now, according to The Motley Fool, Chipotle’s earnings are once again up: “Chipotle recorded a 24% increase in revenues as same-store sales surged 13.4%, generating a 12% increase in earnings per share.”  Consumers are approving of Chipotle’s move and message whole-heartedly, and it’s showing in shares and profits.

When we compare these two moves by major corporations to move to meet consumer demand for less GMO ingredients, we can see that one approach trumps the other. When you are transparent, communicative, and whole-hearted about a change, it extends from a shift to a true movement that consumers can get behind. As opposed to Cheerios’ assurances that “don’t worry, the taste won’t change!” message — as if sourcing non-GMO ingredients while somehow make food taste worse, Chipotle embodies the message that non-GMO is not only better for us, but it’s better for the planet, for our entire food supply, and that it can even taste more delectable! We hope that other companies get the message here: consumers want non-GMO foods, and they want it served with a side of heart and true compassion for the underlying desires for better health we all are motivated by.

Image source: proshob / Wikimedia Commons

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107 comments on “When It Comes to Moving to GMO-Free, Chipotle Rules All”

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Ian Drever
4 Years Ago

The law of unintended consequences strikes again!
Now, Chipotle customers are exposed to even more pesticides in their foods and have to pay more for the privilege. Chipotle has replaced foods grown with Glyphosate herbicide (the safest herbicide) with Atrazine and imazamox(far more harmful to the environment and people). Way to go people!

Paul G
05 May 2014

The stats on Glphosate continue to change for the worse on a seemingly continuous basis. Studies are now showing that if you consider all the ingredients in Round up, including the "inert" ingredients, that round up is much more toxic than previously believed. Monsanto\'s hype just doesn\'t pan out to be true!

Dawn Muncaster
4 Years Ago

What's this,sausage

Brian Edna Scott
4 Years Ago

We tried when in California and liked it!!

Heather Soldon
4 Years Ago

Andrew Stoll

Claudia Alexandra
4 Years Ago

No wonder why I like it so much :).love green!

Claudia Alexandra
4 Years Ago


Cindy Brown
4 Years Ago

i take my 3 year old grandson all the time, we love it and i treat him to the organic chocolate milk.... ;)

Dana Cool-O'Hare
4 Years Ago

Love it. What's next?

Annie Wagner
4 Years Ago

I am so grateful to have a vegan fast food option. I must be the only one.

01 Jun 2014

You\'re not(:

Melissa Patel
4 Years Ago

Loretha I understand what you are saying most restaurants and chains cannot stop selling meat. Why some vegans have a problem with chipotle in particular is because they are pushing the humane meat concept. This idea was designed because consumers started to care about the treatment of animals and companies saw this so they decided to change their tune, their labeling. Conditons may be better but not by much and the end result is the same. Some of these people may have became vegan in time because of this but by putting this humane myth out there it has eased the consumers conscience. I understand they are vegan friendly but in the big picture they are setting animal rights movement back even further. Humans will feel better about the word humane and continue to enslave and murder sentient beings.


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