What's Cuter than a Cute Celebrity Chef? One Who Protects Seals

More than 40 chefs, who have been honored by FOOD & WINE as a “Best New Chef” over the years, have come together to lend their support to protect seals from slaughter in Canada.

A Humane Society of the United States (HSUS) press release states, “Chefs who join The HSUS’s Protect Seals Campaign pledge not to purchase all Canadian seafood or seafood from sealing provinces until Canada’s commercial seal slaughter ends. By shifting their seafood purchasing policies away from Canada, these chefs are giving Canada’s fishing industry a clear message—it is not acceptable for fishermen in Canada to club and shoot hundreds of thousands of seal pups in a reckless mass slaughter that takes place every year off Canada’s east coast.”


The Chefs for Seals Facebook page details the movement with fun posts of chefs with Sammy the Seal and updates on the campaign’s progress. You can help stop the hunt of seals by joining the boycott of the Canadian fishing industry, writing letters to politicians and companies, and encouraging others to do the same. Check out Sea Shepherd’s What You Can Do page and pledge your support through the HSUS. And, there’s even an app for that.

Image Source: Chefs for Seals Facebook Page