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“New video recorded by a Mercy For Animals investigator reveals horrific treatment of animals at a factory farm that provides eggs to a Walmart egg supplier. Disease runs rampant as cruelly caged animals are forced to live in filth. Each hen spends her miserable life on floor space smaller than a notebook-sized sheet of paper,” Mercy for Animals (MFA) writes on their website.

You read that right; a hen lives her life on space equivalent to a notebook-sized sheet of paper. This is common practice in the egg industry which places speed and product above everything else. The footage from MFA’s first investigation in Brazil is heartbreaking but the egg industry continues no matter how many chickens never touch grass or feel the sun on their feathers. It continues no matter how many male chicks they have to kill — male chicks are deemed useless by the egg industry.

Few chickens are lucky enough to escape the cages and confines of factory farms but the ones that do have an air of happiness and gratitude that is unlike anything else. They prove that they’re more than meat or egg producers… they’re intelligent, beautiful creatures. Battery cages — the cages chickens are kept in — have been banned across the European Union but others are slow to catch up. Despite the fact that there are alternatives to eggs, the industry continues.

Please share this powerful footage that, without MFA’s brave team, would never have been uncovered. After that, sign the petition to demand that Walmart Brazil adopts animal welfare standards and stops cramming chickens in battery cages. Then, decide for yourself if this is an industry you want to support.

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Marty Silvert
10 Months Ago

No one should eat eggs unless they are verified that the came from a cage-free environment and habitat.

Muriel Servaege
10 Months Ago

Horrible, cruel and stressful situation. It\'s hard to believe nothing is done for the hens. Yet, they are living beings and belong to the animal kingdom. I\'ve stopped eating chicken and feel much better (I mean healthier).


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