If you love cats and art history, get ready for a surreal and hilarious photo adventure.

Photoshop has made this cat a time traveler. No model has quite such an eclectic portfolio. He’s been Aphrodite and Napoleon, stood in for elegant ladies, posh gents, angels, and even horses.

Creator of these photos, mistaken by the uninitiated in cat-culture as the cat’s owner, certainly found her “mews” in this epic cat. And this epic cat has an equally epic name, Zarathustra.

From the surreal to the sublime, the classic and the modern, Zarathustra inserts himself into the art world in typical cat style, sprawling prominently and nonchalantly across each canvas. To lovers of “high-art” these images are perhaps sacrilegious, but for the rest of us they are a cute and comedic treat.

In the words of Zarathustra himself, “Only great artists can appreciate [his] generous body and sublime soul.”