We all know that SeaWorld is a horrible place, right? The whales are all super aggressive and have a tendency to get really mean and hurt their trainers. Really, how this whale cruelty is allowed to exist just escapes us. We should probably thank SeaWorld for taking all these people-eating orcas out of the oceans and locking them up in tanks. And also, good thinking grabbing dolphins and beluga whales too, because we know those creepy smiles are hiding some weird, dark secret.

Okay, okay, if you hadn’t guessed we’re totally joking, but after watching this clip from Portlandia, we just couldn’t resist! In their latest episode, the show’s infamous “ecoterrorists” plot to take down their next target, and land on SeaWorld San Diego – after a very serious deliberation. Check it out:



Although we might not agree with Benji’s rat-tail, he does make a compelling point in stating that SeaWorld’s treatment of their whales is the worst, not the whales themselves. We have to admit we love seeing our anti-SeaWorld sentiments reflected in this hilarious show, even if it takes a little while to land on why SeaWorld is the worst – the conclusion is still unanimous.

So, rock on ecoterrorists, we hope your protest goes swimmingly – oh, and give us a call when you launch the campaign against people stealing sea shells, we definitely want in.