Look at his big, beautiful brown eyes!


A team of Virunga National Park rangers in the Democratic Republic of Congo rescued an adorable poached baby gorilla by posing as buyers and then arrested the poachers that were trying to sell the infant for $40,000.

The black market for baby gorillas is growing in the Democratic Republic of Congo. This year marks “the highest number of baby gorillas confiscated from poachers in a single year on record,” the Congolese Wildlife Authority said in statement to MSNBC.

The baby gorilla (named Shamavu, in honor of the ranger that lead the rescue) is now under the watchful eye of two expert caretakers. According to a post on the Virunga National Park’s blog, two caretakers are necessary at this point because the gorilla is too young and vulnerable to be left alone, so 24 hour care is needed. The two caretakers will trade off on the hours spent with the baby, but at this stage, they will even sleep with him at night on the same bed.


You can donate money for expenses related to the care of the new orphan gorilla by visiting this page.