If you grew up in the 90s, we’re about to share some news that is going to make you so nostalgic for your childhood. Kite Hill, the dairy-free, nut-based cultured cheese brand is set to launch squeezable vegan yogurt. That’s right! Vegan squeezable yogurt.

Kite Hill will be launching the new child-friendly almond-milk yogurt tubes in two flavors: strawberry-banana and wild berry. These delights will be sold exclusively at Whole Foods, starting this September, VegNews reports. Not only is Kite Hill introducing novel squeezable yogurts, the brand will also launch seven flavors of Greek Style Yogurt that boasts more than 10 grams of plant-based protein per serving.


But wait… there’s more! The vegan brand started by chef Tal Ronnen, will also debut drinkable vegan yogurt in four flavors: mango, berry, vanilla, and plain unsweetened. All of which will be fortified with probiotics, calcium, and vitamins A, D, and B-12. Kite Hill will also add a new jalapeño flavor to their cream cheese spread line. Take all of our money, Kite Hill!


Just last year, Kite Hill received a $18 million investment led by General Mills to help expand their plant-based products, such as cheeses, and yogurt nationwide. General Mills move to invest in one of the hottest new vegan companies is smart considering that with the rapidly rising numbers in the dairy-free markets as a whole, consumers are actively looking for healthier alternatives to dairy proteins. Milk consumption in the United States has been steadily declining by 25 percent per capita since the mid-1970s. Plus, more consumers are waking up to the fact the dairy industry not only has a major negative impact on the environment, but milk is also not the nutritional powerhouse that many of us once thought it was. It turns out, we can get the same nutrients from fortified plant-based milk and whole, plant-based foods.

It’s really no wonder the plant-based milk industry has been major growth in recent years and is set to reach $16.3 billion in 2018. As an increasing number of people turn to dairy-free options, there is more and more opportunity for companies like Kite Hill to create innovative, and delicious products that make it easier than ever to ditch dairy!

We can’t wait to get our hands on these squeezable yogurts this September! We may or may not enjoy them while watching our favorite cartoons. For more about plant-based food trends, check out One Green Planet’s Future of Food. 

Image source: Kite Hill