Most would agree, the best food is most definitely comfort food. It reminds us of days gone by, mom’s home cooking, and the times when food brought friends and family together around the table. Well, now you can enjoy those memories with an added plant-based flare! A new vegan comfort food eatery called Greedi Vegan just opened in Brooklyn. Offering everything from nachos, sliders, tacos, and more, there is literally something for everyone on the menu.

From vegan beef, meatball, and crab cake sliders, you won’t be disappointed.  Burger lovers rejoice … and the fact that they are vegan, even better!

And if you weren’t convinced that this is legit comfort food, check out these dishes.

For those wanting something a little simpler such as a taco, no worries, they have you covered.

Greedi Vegan is located at 1031 Bergen Street in Brooklyn, NY.



Considering around 40 percent of Americans choose to eat plant-based meals when they eat out, Greedi Vegan couldn’t have come at a better time. It’s certainly no surprise considering Americans are more aware than ever of the health, animal, and environmental concerns surrounding the consumption of animal products. With such a diverse menu, however, the Greedi Vegan is sure to appeal to anyone seeking to eat a little healthier or simply wanting some good ol’ fashioned comfort food!