Another vegan cheese brand!? You won’t hear us complaining! Introducing RIND, a plant-based cheese set to launch in New York City. RIND uses a blend of ancient microbes, fats, proteins, and sugars to make a deliciously cheesy result. Sounds great to us!

Behind RIND are two superstar vegan entrepreneurs: Dina DiCenso, the founder of Gristle Tattoo, an all-vegan tattoo studio in Brooklyn, and Joshua Katcher, founder of the popular website The Discerning Brute, as well as the award-winning Brave Gentleman luxury fashion brand.


So, why are these two entrepreneurs getting into vegan cheese? Well, as they point out on their site, the dairy industry is in a downward spiral and the plant-based cheese industry is set to be worth $3.5 billion by 2023. With the growing demand for dairy-free products, Dina and Joshua are confident RIND will be a hit. 

Due to concerns over allergies as well as antibiotic and hormone use, plus animal welfare concerns, and the environmental damage the dairy industry is wrecking on the planet, many people are opting for plant-based alternatives. In fact, over one-third of consumers prefer dairy-free milk!

RIND isn’t commercially available yet, but if you are ready for a “slice of the wheel,” the company is seeking investors


We can’t wait for RIND to launch! If Dina and Joshua’s past achievements are anything to go by, we are certain RIND will shake up the cheese industry. To get all the latest updates, follow their Instagram. To check out their website, click here.

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All Image Source: RIND/Instagram