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Squirrels, like pigeons and songbirds, are wild animals that have adapted so well to coexisting with humans that they are seen a-plenty in even the most bustling cities. Squirrels are so common within our cultural landscape that they often go overlooked and taken for granted. However, these wide-eyed, fluffy-tailed rodents have a lot to offer the world, (like planting oak trees everywhere they go), and they deserve and need our help right now.

According to a petition on Care2, the UK Forestry Commission plans to order landowners to kill tens of thousands of grey squirrels each year with methods including poisoning, trapping, and shooting. Landowners will be compensated by the government for killing these innocent grey squirrels.

The reason the UK government wants to kill grey squirrels? They say it is to help boost the population of red squirrels. However, several wildlife experts have debunked these claims. The director of Animal Aid, Andrew Tyler, said, “People have been responsible for wiping out the red squirrel, it’s an excuse to blame the grey squirrel. The damage they do is exaggerated. Attempts to purge the landscape of them in the past have failed and this will fail too.”

If you hate to see these adorable little creatures senselessly killed, please take a moment to sign the petition addressed to the UK Forestry Commission and other government leaders, demanding they reconsider their plans to kill grey squirrels and encouraging them to seek alternative humane population control methods, if absolutely necessary.

There are many humane alternatives to controlling unwanted wildlife. If squirrels or other little critters happen to find their way into unwanted areas, read this for ideas on how to naturally deter them and keep them out.

And please share this with your friends and family to increase support for grey squirrels!

Buzz Petition

Image Source: Charlesjsharp/Wikimedia Commons

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0 comments on “The UK Wants to Kill Tens of Thousands of Grey Squirrels! Here’s How You Can Stop This”

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10 Months Ago


Manel Dias
10 Months Ago

Why does this have to be this way? Why do you need to shed Blood baths of such an innocent, helpless Grey squirrels? This world is for ALL of us to live. Murdering one species to save another is abhorrent & inexcusable...PLEASE TAKE NATURAL METHODS TO SORT OUT THIS ISSUE...WITHOUT HARMING the Pint sized grey squirrels...Unnecessarily murdering animals are Deviant, Cruel and Immoral...Please take better ways to ease the problems...BUT NO KILLINGS of the SQUIRRELS...THE MEANING OF LIFE FOR ALL ANIMALS, IS A LIFE OF FREEDOM" - Anthony D. Williams-

Sharon brink
10 Months Ago

Humans are the most invasive species and destroy all natural habitat, yet we kill anything that is inconvenient to us.

Sharon brink
10 Months Ago

Humans are the most invasive species destroying all natural habitat,and yet we kill everything that is inconvenient for us.

Jeff Biss
10 Months Ago

There isn\'t a squirrel problem, there is a people problem. We need to reduce the human load, the real reason that the red squirrels population is low, by developing policies that get people to stop having kids to drive the human population to a sustainable level that allows all other species to have the resources that they need. Prior to people and their destruction of squirrel habitat, there wasn\'t a problem.

Seth Tyrssen
10 Months Ago

Squirrels can definitely become pests, and destructive ones at that. They love chewing on house wiring inside attics, which can then cause house fires. Sorry, but I\'ll pass on this petition. I\'d just as soon be rid of about half the squirrel population where I live, and I can understand why the UK is taking steps to limit them.

Jeff Biss
21 Sep 2017

People are the pests. We destroy their habitat and then have the gall to whine about them trying to survive. We need to get people to stop having kids, to reduce the human load to a sustainable level because now we\'re the problem.

21 Sep 2017

Seth Tyrssen: One way to temporarily reduce the global human overpopulation is by governments planning and executing what is called "genocide." Example:

According to the authoritative “Black Book of Communism,” an estimated 65 million Chinese died as a result of Mao’s repeated, merciless attempts to create a new “socialist” China. Anyone who got in his way was done away with -- by execution, imprisonment or forced famine."

People see "genocide" most clearly when THEY are the victims, but turn a blind eye when they sanction it against other species.

Earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, hurricanes, flooding, tornadoes, fires, droughts, epidemics, genocides, wars, infertility, suicides, and accidents--combined, don\'t seem able to reduce the global human mega-herd and control breeding more children.

There\'s a good chance that this time, climate change and its harsher consequences will reduce, if not eliminate, the human-being plague problem. And I\'m hoping the rodent population will survive as it did before the human infestation--on land, in the sky, and in the oceans--went viral.

Renata Bartoli
22 Sep 2017

I totally agree with Jess Biss: humans are the problem: we are too many and too invasive. We are like a virus. First we steal their homes and then we destroy them because they are around. Seth Tyrssen, maybe you should live in the middle of a large carpark surrounded by factories and waste land. Then you will be happier. We feed the squirrels in our garden. If you feed them they don\'t need to come inside and why do they come inside anyway? Repair your house and premises: that\'s the clue!

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