Plant-based meats are tasting more and more like real meat, especially in recent years. The wildly popular Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger, the vegan burgers that “bleed,” have been huge successes in restaurants and grocery stores, showing that plant-based protein can be both nutritious and delicious. This year, Don Lee Farms announced they created their own vegan burger that “bleeds” that will be available in Costco stores, and now UK supermarket, Iceland, announced they have made their own-brand vegan burger that “bleeds”!

The burger, called the “No Bull burger,” is made of soy protein, seasoned with paprika, and infused with beet juice to make it “bleed.” It is predicted to be popular with both vegans and meat-eaters alike. Iceland’s executive chef, Neil Nugent, who created the burger, told The Sun they are marketing towards the UK’s estimated 22 million “flexitarians,” stating, “We are trying to get those people who want to drop meat once or twice a week … This is our first foray into our own-brand vegan. It’s been a real challenge to get the succulence right.”


Considering the fact that factory farming is responsible for more greenhouse gas emissions than the transportation sector, and the global livestock industry is depleting the world’s finite water and land resources, plant-based burgers can have a massive positive impact.

The burger is set to launch at the start of April 2018. The grocery chain also made headlines earlier this year when they announced plans to omit plastic packaging from their own-brand products. Talk about some major steps in the right direction!

To learn how plant-based options can benefit your health and the environment, check out the One Green Planet Eat for the Planet book. And remember to share this great news with your friends and family in the UK!


Image Source: Pixabay