A handsome pup named Snowy has beaten the odds and is settling into a new forever home at the ripe age of 20 (that’s 140 in dog years!), thanks to the wonderful team at Merseyside Rehoming Centre. Snowy, a Westhighland Terrier, came to the shelter after his guardian was forced to give him up after falling ill, rendering him unable to properly care for the sweet dog.

For many senior dogs, their stories end here, but thank goodness that was not the case for Snowy! Margaret Miller knew that Snowy would make the perfect companion for her senior dog, Ben. Margaret states, “Before Snowy arrived my oldest dog was my 16-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Ben. They get on very well and Snowy has fitted in wonderfully. It is like a retirement home for dogs. We all enjoy a cozy afternoon nap!” Besides naps, Margaret goes on to say that Snowy gets extra excited when it time to eat (but who doesn’t?).



Merseyside’s manager Georgina Lowery reports that out of the 970 dogs being cared for at their facilities, 150 are over the age of eight. Sadly, senior dogs are considered the most difficult to rehome thus being the most likely to get euthanized to make room for other animals in need. Many senior dogs are dropped off at shelters because of the expense due to health problems the pet may have developed or their pet parent. Thankfully, shelters like Merseyside and organizations such as the Mr. Mo Project are giving these dogs a second chance at finding a forever home.

What many people don’t realize about senior dogs is they actually come with a lot of benefits too! Most have already lived in a home and they know how to interact with people and are house-trained. They also can enjoy playtime as much as a puppy and are great snugglers! To find out more about the benefits of adopting a senior dog, click here.

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Image Source: Dogs Trust