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A trophy hunter who was leading a guided group to hunt an elephant for its tusks was trampled to death by a young bull elephant in Zimbabwe. For a story like this, one would probably assume that we would take some sort of almost celebratory stance in the face of a hunter finding himself the hunted, but we’re kinda not gonna go there. A man is dead, elephants are being hunted for trinkets and the entire thing pretty much blows.

Seriously, this just doesn’t need to happen.

Trophy Hunter Trampled to Death By Elephant He Was Trying to HuntSamuel-Warde

The facts are these. Ian Gibson took a group of American hunters out in Zimbabwe’s Zambezi Valley in the hopes of shooting a young bull elephant he’d been tracking. According to a statement written on AfricaHunting.com, the group came close to the elephant in the hopes of assessing his ivory when the elephant went into full charge and knelt on Gibson, crushing the hunter.

This isn’t the first incident involving a trophy hunter for the company, Safari Classics, Gibson worked for either. In 2012, they lost another hunter named Owain Lewis to a Buffalo.

Once social media got wind of the story, there wasn’t a whole lot of sympathy flowing in for a guy who viewed endangered animals as dollar signs. “I wonder if the elephant took the guy’s teeth for their value,” one user queried, while another said, “I have zero sympathy for this hunter. I react to this the very same way I do when I see a bullfighter get mangled. BRAVO.” Still another commenter said, “The number of elephants is half what it was a decade or so ago and are dwindling fast. I don’t respect “hunters” who pay extraordinary fees and hire professional trackers killing shrinking numbers of elephants, rhinos, lions etc. just to feed their egos.”

Dude, those giant ivory tusks look like big parentheses with you in the middle. You could’ve just saved the elephant and wrote (asshat) on a piece of paper though.

Trophy Hunter Trampled to Death By Elephant He Was Trying to Hunt

In the camp of those who side with Gibson and other big game hunters, the argument was immediately made that the man was actually a conservationist. One person commented, “In modern times, the PH [professional hunter] is almost always an avid conservationist who works within the laws of the country to harvest wildlife that is mature and insure that the conservation of the species is well funded and that the species as a whole is healthy and at sustainable population levels.”

This is an argument for trophy hunting that has been thrown around time and time again, most recently when Ricky Gervais went after hunters who posted pictures of themselves beside felled giraffes on Twitter. It’s as ridiculous this time as always has been. Does the Louvre fund the preservation of priceless art by letting people pay to enter so they can judo kick the Mona Lisa in her smug forehead? If you’re trying to protect something, you don’t kill it. End of story.

Seems like a sensible plan.

Trophy Hunter Trampled to Death By Elephant He Was Trying to Hunt

While we can definitely understand the sentiments of those who regard Gibson and those like him with fury, we don’t celebrate anyone’s death (human or animal) and see the entire situation as utterly senseless. African elephants are being hunted to extinction, along with rhinos, for their tusks and horns. While bans on ivory are popping up in more and more countries every day, the fact remains that poaching and big game hunting are contributing to the problem and if things continue how they are, we could lose the African elephant entirely by 2030. That’s less than two decades away.

And as for Gibson? He should never have been there in the first place. Animals in the wild are…wild! We know this is a complete shocker, but it’s completely true. They are living, thinking beings with instincts for survival and they’re not really gonna be into hanging out with you, especially if they feel threatened.

Here’s a novel concept that can keep this situation from happening in the future. Let’s leave the wildlife the hell alone, m’kay? That way, we don’t have to make up a laundry list of justifications for our actions and attempt to hide under the banner of conservation as we blast them to smithereens, and they don’t have to fight for their lives and watch their numbers dwindle to nothing. There, both sides win.

Lead Image Credit: Daily Mail


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102 comments on “Remember This? Trophy Hunter Trampled to Death By Elephant He Was Trying to Hunt”

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9 Days ago

Too bad this didn\'t happen to the jerk Drumpf Jr.

Brad Smith
1 Months Ago

Yes, I remember it well, so well, in fact, that I haven\'t stopped laughing and cheering.

cynthia devlin
1 Months Ago

for all the people who love murdering animals:
pain is pain, death is death. how shocking you have a hard time when it happens to you.

1 Months Ago

What is it about these hunters whom have just little heads in delighting them self that killed a elephant. Which are on the way of the extinct list. Those elephants did not go out after you. Even Lions. They should be a law to stop all those animals being kill for the hell of it. I never thought people could be that cruel and senseless.

Brad Smith
25 Aug 2016

Complete cowards. They want to be "tough guys" but are too cowardly to take on something that will fight back..

Evelyn Roy
21 Sep 2016

Big game hunters should be out down, or let them loose without weapons among the animals they are killing.

Martin J McAllister
1 Months Ago

I\'d have to believe that any of these guys including the A hole that shot Cecil the lion, who by the way is from Minnesota where I live, have a problem with being able to make love because it\'s SO small and it makes them feel inferior . Which they are for what they do to make up for their Shortcomings.

Rosa Valdez
14 Aug 2016

I believe you. I can\'t begin to imagine what would motivate a person to want to cause the death of an animal for no reason. This article is poetic justice.

1 Months Ago

If you were happy he died you are no better than him.

07 Aug 2016

and your opinion is the rule....says who?
your opinion is just that, an opinion.

means nothing to that bull elephant who lived. he\'s alive. and that\'s all that matters.

08 Aug 2016

I am happy he died and I am better than him

carlos gonzales
09 Aug 2016

I am better than him because I am not killing endangered animals for kicks. by the way how\'s the air up there in that high horse of yours?

19 Aug 2016

Oh, yes - a speck of dirt is better than him! A speck of dung is better than him!

Bob Mateljan
1 Months Ago

I love a feel good story with a happy ending.

jackie rollins
1 Months Ago

i read where MR TRUMPS SON likes to kill elephants he is such a coward. he likes to shoot them from about a block away. i would bet he has never fought a real man in his life. just such a low life coward just like all the big game hunters are. they do it for money. i am really glad the elephant kill that scum bag.

2 Months Ago

Definitely no sympathy for the hunter from me. I wish they\'d all end up the same way and I hope those that were with him are too fearful for their lives to ever hunt again. Though I doubt it because they have a condition known as stupidity.

2 Months Ago

Well done, I hope he suffered a long painful death! And to all the coward hunters I mean, killers, go to hell!


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