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Trophy hunting is a sick and disturbing practice that is killing off the last remaining members of precious African wildlife. For the right price, hunters can pick and choose what animal they wish to kill, and with unnerving smiles, typically pose proudly next to the animals after senselessly killing them. These photos often end up biting them in the rear end, as with the Internet, these images can spread like wildfire and stir up quite a bit of anger and disdain from the public.

Of course, we all remember the tragic story of Cecil the lion that brought widespread attention to the issue of trophy hunting, but another trophy hunter, Tess Thompson Tally, has been gaining quite a bit of opposition, from the general public and celebrities alike. She killed a rare black giraffe bull around a year ago, but the photo recently resurfaced, and Tally defended it by saying the kill was for “conservation.”

Last we checked, paying thousands of dollars to kill an animal does NOTHING to contribute towards conservation.

Hunters Against PETA/Facebook


Smart people are rolling their eyes a million times at this type of justification, as killing animals can absolutely in no way help keep them alive. Ricky Gervais, always an outspoken advocate for animals, noted in a tweet from mid-June that giraffes were “now on the ‘red list’ of endangerment due to a 40 percent decline over the last 25 years”.

He went on with a few choice words in reaction to this latest flagrant display of trophy hunting ignorance, which can be read here, and tweeted, “I’m sick of Trophy Hunters trying to excuse their grim sport by saying they provide a service. They exploit the needs of the poor … It’s not a good deed.” You can read the full text below – we’ll warn you, it’s Ricky Gervais, so of course there’s some colorful (albeit, well-deserved) profanity sprinkled in.


Gervais concluded, “If they really wanted to do a good deed they would donate the money, and NOT shoot the animal. They would be heroes then. As opposed to murdering scum.”

We couldn’t have said it better! Thank you, Ricky and all other animal advocates for speaking up on behalf of animals. And please remember to share this with your network as a reminder why trophy hunting must end NOW!

Image Source: Wikimedia Commons

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44 comments on “Clueless Trophy Hunter Defended Killing Rare Giraffe … Now Ricky Gervais Has Some Choice Words for Her”

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Jerry York
3 Months Ago

Its a proven fact, poor countries that allow controlled hunting for high prices have the means to provide security for the other animals and suffer less poaching. Poor countries that don\'t allow any hunting suffer from a high amount of poaching. This article is more Liberal nonsense from people that don\'t have a clue about game conservation.

Perhaps these same people ought to examine their support of murdering totally defenseless babies

brent dykes
3 Months Ago

How many of these liberals support abortion?

3 Months Ago

I have some choice words for Ricky Gervais, the hypocrite. The least you could do is become a vegetarian. And shame on you, One Green Planet for promoting this hypocrite.

Dayal Krishna Das
3 Months Ago

Bored rich white people\'s \'bucket list\': 1. Taste Giraffe meat. Check.

3 Months Ago

why is this disgusting facebook page - "Hunters Against PETA" allowed? I have reported it - please report it too. It\'s the link in the above article.

3 Months Ago

Ok, I understand what the hunter is justifying; killing the animal for its own good. And having fun doing it.

3 Months Ago

How come no liberals feel compassion for all the baby humans that are killed everyday? Their compassion is so repugnant!!!!

05 Jul 2018

If you don\'t know the difference between a baby, an embryo, and a phoetus, your lack of basic knowledge is repugnant. Jog on with your spin, it is weak.

3 Months Ago

This is a tragedy. This fool whitewashed her story to appear legitimate. She killed a beautiful animal. And then posed for pictures, and ate meat from her kill. I am in favor of doing the same thing to her, post pictures, and create a story to rationalize the heinous act. We also need to revisit capital punishment for people such as her.

04 Jul 2018

the article should have read Lady hunter has some choice words for clueless Ricky Gervais

3 Months Ago

I will contribute to a go fund me page to eliminate this mentally deficient inbred mucus bag. We cannot let \'it\' breed.

Pamela Tate
3 Months Ago

So bloody proud of your killing, you scum. I hope someone takes you out.!


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