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Wolves are naturally afraid of humans. When it comes to fight or flight, they take off running – and for good reason! Between hunting and destroying their habitats, people have given wolves good reason to fear them. In Norway, wolf hunting has gotten so out of control that less than 30 of them are believed to remain in the wild! In fact, this past December, more than 11,571 people in Norway registered to hunt just 16 wolves. Sadly, many people in the country would be happy to see all the wolves go due to fear that the predators will attack their livestock (even though less than two percent of the country’s sheep are killed by wolves).

In what is a seriously misguided attempt to promote “conservation” of these animals, a Norwegian tourist attraction, known as Polar Park, offers visitors the chance to sleep and play with wolves. Besides the fact that sleeping with a wild animal is probably a really bad idea for your own safety, this kind of facility does nothing to help this struggling population.

Polar Park breeds wolves in captivity and raises them among people so that they are comfortable around human beings. Photos on the Park’s Facebook page show visitors, including children, sharing kisses with wolves, even having wild foxes, and other animals climb on their backs. While the park claims this is all for conservation, the fact is that a wild animal raised in such close proximity to humans will never be able to return to the wild. A wolf that trusts humans will surely end up on a hunter’s trophy wall in this region. This mean that these animals will remain endangered in the wild.

12510315_1714352882117137_5768352441144795338_nPolar Park


Rather than raising these wild animals for tourism attractions, we should be protecting them in their natural habitats. After all, wolves have and incredibly important role to play as apex predators that balanced our ecosystem. When we hunt them and drive them to oblivion, small animal populations grow out of control and overgrazed local shrubbery eventually leads to soil erosion and other serious problems. Sadly, if we don’t work to protect these animals in their own homes, seeing them in captivity may be the only way we’ll be able to see wolves at all.

Share this post and encourage others to boycott this facility and promote positive wolf conservation instead. It is up to us to save the wolf and its natural habitat – for their sake and our own.

Featured image source: Matthew Evers 


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22 comments on “WTH?! Tourist Attraction Lets People Play With Captive Wolves for the Sake of ‘Conservation’”

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8 Months Ago

It\'s all absolutely horrifying.
Done for money and greed.
Animals are beautiful therefore should be able to be beautiful.

Rossana Zazzara
1 Years Ago

sometimes I wonder if it is just a decoy to save the land under

Mai Huynh
1 Years Ago

Shane Dale

Natasha White
1 Years Ago

This can't be real!?

Maryann Barnes
1 Years Ago

There's a place in the panhandle of Florida that does exactly this for $$$$$$

Ann Covalt
1 Years Ago

So wrong

Nela Price
1 Years Ago

Ok ok enough! These animals are born into captivity. So they have no idea how to survive in the wild nor do they know anything about being wild. I see nothing wrong here! It's seems to me like a great way to educate people to protect the ones in the wild, and to know about the animal!

Ricardo Trevino
21 Mar 2016

I think you missed the whole point that humans and their activities continue to destroy the habitat and thousands of species every year. As you may know, we are in the middle of the 6th mass extinction. Additionally, 50-250 billion animals are mutilated and slaughtered every year (that figure goes up in the trillions when you count marine life) for animal agriculture. It's time to stop exploiting animals...

Joanne Marion
21 Mar 2016

Ricardo Trevino I so agree. However, the root of the actual problem is over population of people.

Dominique Racine Inoue
21 Mar 2016

Ricardo Trevino I do agree too! Iwould have added "humans, their egoistic greed and their unlimited stupidity"... It is NOT a way to educate people, it is a way to make money out of living creatures rendered captive! Shame on them!

Nicole Takeguchi-Trevino
1 Years Ago

Ricardo Trevino wow. Read this love. So horrible.

Ricardo Trevino
21 Mar 2016

Animal exploitation!

Missy Grammar
21 Mar 2016

Agreed! Horrible exploitation. Reminds me of the captive tigers in Thailand used for tourists to take pictures with. Disgusting.

Letty Isaacs
1 Years Ago

It's sad we teach kids the same bad habits!

Dorothy English
1 Years Ago

Utterly stupid.


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