One thing that many people don’t realize about animals is how similar they are to humans. Just like us, animals have complex emotions and possess high levels of intelligence. However, many people choose to not view animals as dynamic individuals but consider them non-feeling commodities instead. This is the sad reality for farm animals and can even be extended to companion animals like dogs and cats. It’s this line of thinking that has lead many cruel humans to exploit dogs, specifically Pit Bulls in illegal dogfighting rings.

Unfortunately, the actions of a few cruel people has had a lasting impact on Pit Bulls as they now have the negative reputation of being “vicious” and “aggressive” dogs. The reality is these dogs, just like any other, are capable of being sweet and loving companions if they are raised by responsible guardians – just take a look at sweet Bella the three-legged Pittie who also happens to be the world’s best foster-kitten-mom.


Bella’s guardian, Grace Kuhn, is a dedicated kitten foster parent and has recruited Bella to help out with the daunting task of caring for a gaggle of rambunctious kittens … a task that this pup has taken on with great stride.

She’s an expert in the art of snuggling.

The kittens clearly look up to their kind and poised role model, just look at Birdie the kitten’s smitten gaze.

She does an incredible job at keeping the kitties clean and feeling loved.

Caring for kittens does have its fair share of perks – like endless kisses and head rubs.

At the end of the day, all animals just want to love and be loved. There’s no better example of this than this happy little pack.



As Bella and her kittens prove, every animal is an individual deserving of life filled with love and care. We can all work to break harmful stereotypes about animals by sharing posts like this one and encouraging others to get to know animals as someones rather than somethings. Wouldn’t the world be a much kinder place if everyone did?


Image source: Grace Kuhn/Youtube