If there is one thing I have noticed about hoomans, it’s that they rarely stop to just be and enjoy a moment. Sure, every now and then after a sip of particularly yummy coffee they’ll pause and smile blissfully, but two seconds later they’re on to the next thing – checking their calendars and phones, making plans, groaning about how they’re late for something. It’s like they’re so worried about what’s coming next and things they haven’t even started doing that they forget to live in the moment.

As a master zen yogini, living in the moment is something that I do all the time. Seriously people, taking a step back and just breathing in the crisp fall air or stopping to notice the fact that the leaves on the trees around you are now yellow is SO important. (But really, have you seen how craz-mazing the trees look today?!) I sometimes think that because people don’t do this, they get really forgetful about the fact that there’s a big, giant, wonderful world surrounding them … a world that doesn’t live in their Tweeter feed or exist in the TV box. Hoomans might be smart in a lot of things, but this ain’t one of them. To understand the TRUE value of stopping to embrace the beauty of the natural world and seizing the moment when you see it, you have to look to the animals.


Look at my little chipmunk friend! He might be small, but his understanding of the amazingness of the natural world is HUGE.



So, my happy little human friends. Do yourself a favor and stop to smell the roses today – and every day after that! They don’t even have to be roses, just get yourself out in nature for two minutes and stop and breathe.

Trust me, you’ll learn more in those two minutes than in a lifetime of looking for what’s next.