With the winter season setting in across most parts of the U.S., it is important to make provisions for pets. In many areas, the winter brings cold weather and lots of snow. Although dogs and cats are covered in fur, pets are sensitive to the weather in the same ways that we are.

Their noses, ears and the pads of their feet are especially prone to frost bite, which can be permanently damaging, but if temperatures dip low enough, animals are also susceptible to hypothermia, which can lead to death.


In the mountains of Utah, the nights can be bitterly cold, so when the family in this story found a frozen kitten outside in the snow on Thanksgiving morning, they were only cautiously optimistic.

Here is the video of their valiant effort to save the life of a kitten they never knew.



After an hour of continued effort, they laid the poor kitten to rest in some warm towels, fearing that their work had been in vain. But they got the shock of a lifetime when they returned, only to find that the sweet little kitten was alive!

Three weeks later, the kitten, named Lazarus, is the life of the household, keeping everyone entertained with all of the usual kitten antics.




Lazarus is living proof of what can happen when animals are left outside in the cold, but his story also shows what happens when people care enough to help them.


If you witness anyone in your area leaving animals out in the cold, please contact your local animal control office, immediately. It might not seem like a huge action, but when it comes to the life of an animal, it could make all the difference in the world.