Sea lion Pup Rescue

The Pacific Marine Mammal Center in Laguna Beach, California is in desperate need of some supplies and volunteers after witnessing enormous increase in the number of dehydrated and malnourished sea lion pups this season. The non-profit organization rescued 12 sea lion pups on Saturday, March 16, marking the highest number of rescues in a single day ever recorded by them. ABC news reports that the organization is currently caring for 86 animals, 84 of which are sea lions.

No one seems to be entirely sure what exactly is causing the high number of pups to need to be rescued. “There are a lot of ideas out there on what might be happening,” said the Pacific Marine Mammal’s Center head of development, Melissa Sciacca. “Some of the ideas being discussed are [that] the mothers might be swimming further to forage for food. It’s also possible the mothers are not properly nourished and the pups are having to wean earlier.”


The Pacific Marine Mammal Center is currently accepting donations to help them provide the care the animals need. The high number of animals is causing the non-profit to go through their financial resources at an alarming rate.

Make a donation. PMMC is a non-profit that depends entirely on public support to respond and care for the county’s marine mammals. You can make a donation by visiting or calling the center at 949-494-3050 to pledge your support.

Image Source: Michael Perry/Flickr