The Mfuwe Lodge in Zimbia has to deal with the elephant in the room, and I don’t mean figuratively. This lodge has VIP guests every year under the party of elephant. Between the months of October and December, groups of these amazing four-legged guests travel right through the lodge’s lobby and into the garden.

The herd of elephants, led by the matriarch, walk right into the lodge as if they own the place. They use the lobby as a short cut to get to their very own fresh fruit buffet. The elephants are determined to get to the delicious wild mango trees on the other side of the lodge.


According to the Daily Mail, the elephants make multiple trips throughout the day and night in groups of three to six. This is a real treat for visitors at the hotel and obviously the elephants enjoy their five-star accommodation as well and their fresh fruit buffet. It also proves that a balance can be accomplished between animal, humans and development.

This years’ elephant family retreat to the Mfuwe Lodge even included a youngster. This young elephant is pretty cute as it just strolls along in the lobby, completely well behaved among its herd. It truly is an amazing site to see and the great part is that these are wild elephants, not enslaved circus performers!

So if you ever end up at the Mfuwe Lodge in Zimbia, don’t be surprised by the elephant in the room, they’re there for the fruit, not to address any unspoken issues.