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Many prefer not to know about where their food actually comes from as the truth would be too depressing and too gruesome. However, our eating habits are having a profound impact on the world we live in.

Factory farming – the main industry that supplies most of the world’s appetite for meat, dairy, and eggs – significantly affects our health, our food supply, and our environment, not to mention the lives of billions of animals who suffer and die in factory farms every year.

Article after article can be found providing greater detail into the above points, but sometimes, long readings can’t quite do the trick to wake people up to the damaging system we’ve created. Sometimes a simple video, like the one provided here by the ASPCA can do the trick.

As the ASPCA reports, the video showcases “the chilling story of how modern, industrial agriculture practices defy common sense and cut corners—and how the industry follows that up by pushing for state laws to hide the rampant animal cruelty.”

Unlike so many other factory farming videos, this particular one features zero gore; instead, it gives viewers the basic brutal facts about industrialized farming in an approachable (albeit sad) way.

Let’s help this simple yet powerful video reach a broader audience – hit the share buttons at the top of this post to spread it around on social media. You can also find out what you can do to help end factory farming by visiting this article.

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58 comments on “The Brutal Basics of Factory Farming All in One Video (and Without the Gore)”

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Sick Of It
3 Years Ago

Ughhhh. Yet another video that uses cute cartoons and music with lack of any factual information to sway people. I\'m so sick of it.

Judy Mitz
3 Years Ago

I like old fashion farming where animals had more freedom! And better treatment!

04 May 2014

Only money talks. Buy from your local farmers instead of your local grocers if you want to end factory farming. The power isn\'t in not eating it, it\'s in not BUYING it.

Bronwyn Wells
3 Years Ago


Sweetie Darling
3 Years Ago

I' m the same Kimberly, have been vegetarian for almost 2 months now and the more I see or read I think vegan is the way to go

05 May 2014

I became vegan once I found out about the truth of the dairy industry—like supporting dairy, supports veal! So, I immediately started swapping out all I could and eating 85% vegan. Then when that lingering guilt was hanging around inside me and wouldn\'t let up, I knew it was time to take it to 100%. I signed up for the 30 Day Vegan Challenge™ as a support system because the reason I was holding back was because I was afraid to "fail."

It\'s pretty easy now and I am guilt-free too :)

Marcus Griswold
3 Years Ago

Heather Dalton yes on was to LA. Icant believe it is legal. This area is like the desert of CA.

Sher Monfore
3 Years Ago

Lisa Frost
3 Years Ago

Alexa Villanueva

Marcus Griswold
3 Years Ago

Harris ranch in Central Valley of California. Just awful. Many farms in this area are free roam cattle with lots of shade trees and grasses. Not this one. Take a look Heather Dalton

Heather Dalton
03 May 2014

Oh how sad!! Did you take this picture yourself? I'd hate to have to see it in person : /

05 May 2014

I live no where near california, but this comment prompted me to review them quite poorly. It\'s not much but every little step helps -.- If you google search their name you can blatantly see that the animals live in horrible conditions. so sad and unnecessary. These big factory farms need to be exposed!

Heike Brown
3 Years Ago

well done! this is no life for any animal! abhorrent and cruel!

Deb Levesque
3 Years Ago

horror is all they know till they are killed in a cruel horrible way, the devil himself could not be more cruel


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