A recent report labeled “Roo Attack” was recently posted on the 7 News Perth Facebook page. Once you watch the video, however, you’ll realize it wasn’t as much an “attack” as it was an animal simply defending itself. Apparently, a teenager was attempting to shoot the animal by leaning out of a car window when the kangaroo decided he didn’t want to die, so he lunged at the teen. The results were a shattered jaw and cheekbone and possibly a hurt pride for the boy. (Sweet karma, huh?)

While the incident was unfortunate for both parties involved, it could have been avoided by simply allowing the innocent animal to live without human interference. This is becoming harder and harder, however, due to the rapid urban development taking over their habitats. As a result, Australia’s beloved kangaroo is secretly being slaughtered on the land they have called home for thousands of years. In just a couple hundred years, Australia has managed to exterminate six species of kangaroo, with 17 classified as endangered or vulnerable. The Australian government calls these culls “pest management” when in reality, there are millions to be made in kangaroo meat and skin.


The responsibility of protecting wild animals and their natural habitat falls on all of our shoulders. To learn about how you can help the iconic kangaroo, click here and here.

Image Source: Pixabay