Green Monsters, the world’s elephants are in SERIOUS trouble. It seems like every day I hear more sad stories about baby elephants who lost their mothers to poachers. And frankly, I’m just darn sick of it! I might be a dog, but I have a lot of sympathy for elephants. After all, they’re really just like giant puppies – well, maybe really wise, giant puppies.

I’ve heard the statistic that one elephant is killed for their ivory every 15 minutes about A GAZILLION times, but it still doesn’t seem like people get what that means. SO, being the wise yogini that I am, I am here to give you a little perspective about what’s happening to elephants.


Tanzania once had the world’s largest elephant populations on the planet, but according to the latest counts, the country has lost two-thirds of its elephant population in just four years!




That’s just crazy! Do you know how little four years is? I’M NOT EVEN FOUR YEARS OLD! It takes more time for a child to learn how to read, or to learn how to open the treat jar for their beloved pup.

Seriously, even the super smart humans who did this count couldn’t believe the numbers. “We recalculated about 1,000 times because we didn’t believe what we were seeing,” said Howard Frederick, the researcher in charge of Tanzania’s wildlife counts. Yes, it is that bananas.

If this trend keeps up, it means a student could go off to college and by the time he or she graduates, elephants could be completely wiped from the country! I won’t even have a single gray paw hair before this could happen!

The craziest part about this main driver behind these elephants deaths is the demand for ivory, particularly in the U.S. and China. Elephants are being killed in masses are for trinkets. From my point of view, people already have more stuff than they could ever want – and more, but they still feel the need to kill elephants in order to make shiny piano keys and necklaces?! That’s just plain ridonkulous.

If you want to put an end to this madness and ensure that the next generation of hoomans knows what an elephant even is, you can help by sharing this post and encouraging people to avoid ivory at all costs! When the buying stops so can the killing. So hop to, peeps!

Lead image source: Flickr